1909 – the kitchen everyone is talking about.

24th September 2015

1909 painted kitchen

A 1909 painted kitchen gives a home that cosy, traditional feel that is hard not to fall in love with. Some may say that painted kitchens best suit an older property or country cottage, but with 1909 kitchens, they can be adapted to suit any home, modern or traditional. In frame painted 1909 kitchens have a timeless quality, which can be enhanced with more contemporary elements, such as stainless steel sinks, to bring a modern edge to a classic kitchen.

1909 kitchens

Designed in Britain, the 1909 range is a collection of beautiful Shaker-style kitchens which have a timeless quality. They are meticulously crafted from smooth grained timber, which gives the painted door a beautiful matt finish. All doors are hand sprayed, and with a choice from 24 different colours, you can achieve any look you crave – whether you opt for a single colour or opt for a combination of colours in either contrasting or complementary tones.

1909 painted kitchen

The drawers have solid oak sides with traditional dovetailed joints, and the cupboard interiors can come in a choice of painted, oak or mirrored finishes. There are numerous handles to choose from, which come in your choice of chrome, nickel and pewter. The butt hinges, which are manufactured in Birmingham, also come in a choice of chrome, nickel and pewter.

1909 painted kitchen

Storage Solutions

It is essential to have some clever and innovative storage ideas in any modern kitchen, and the 1909 range gives plentiful storage options without compromising on the classic look of the kitchen. The 1909 pantry is any cooks dream, and opens up many storage possibilities. It even includes a sliding rail, which packs even more handy storage into the space!

1909 painted kitchen pantry

Shallow drawers can be accessorised with solid oak inserts to compartmentalise all of your kitchen utensils, and deeper drawers can include solid oak pins, which helps to prevent your crockery from sliding about.

1909 painted kitchen - storage solutions

If you are short on cupboard space, then extra height wall cupboards can be used to give you more storage. The top section can be glazed to give an interesting decorative touch. Pull out larders can be used to maximise cupboard space and give easy access to your cooking ingredients.

1909 painted kitchen - extra height cabinets

Those Finishing Touches

There are endless possibilities to give the 1909 kitchen that bespoke finish that sets your kitchen out from the rest. Our talented kitchen designers will be able to enhance your kitchen with those little details which make all the difference. You may like to use mirror backed glazed cupboards to create a open feel or to display some treasured crockery. Pillasters can be used to create a feature of a portion of your kitchen, or book shelves can be incorporated into your kitchen. Pop into our show room, and ask one of our designers to work their magic to create the perfect kitchen for you.

1909 painted kitchen