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1909 KITCHENS Range

A modern twist on a traditional British kitchen. A stunning collection of kitchen styles crafted with skill and attention to detail. 1909 Kitchens offer style with the flexibility required for modern living. See our stunning 1909 kitchens online range below or visit our  showroom near North London in Hertfordshire today. 
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1909 Kitchens | Half Pencil & Scallop | Painted Shaker Kitchens
Half Pencil Scalloped
Half Pencil Scalloped
Intricately detailed, with a focus on period homes, the Half Pencilled Scalloped style is full of finishing touches.

View Half Pencil Scalloped
Quarter Round
Using a rounded beading softens this style, which is suited to smaller rooms.

View Quarter Round
1909 Kitchens | Quarter Round | Painted Shaker Kitchens
Quarter Round
1909 Kitchens | In Frame Slab Shaker Mix | Painted Shaker Kitchens
In Frame Slab / Shaker Mix
In Frame Slab / Shaker Mix
A subtle blend of classic and contemporary design to create a modern-classic

View In Frame Slab / Shaker Mix
In Frame Shaker
This quintessential shaker door style creates a timeless look, suited to a family home.

View In Frame Shaker
1909 Kitchens | In Frame Shaker | Painted Shaker Kitchens
In Frame Shaker
1909 Kitchens | In Frame Slab | Painted Shaker Kitchens
In Frame Slab
In Frame Slab
Simplicity is key for this style, which allows kitchens to be designed with flowing themes.

View In Frame Slab
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View Georgian
1909 Kitchens | Georgian | Painted Shaker Kitchens
1909 Kitchens | Ovolo | Painted Shaker Kitchens
range description text

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about 1909 Kitchens. If you have any other questions please call 01992 666150
Can you design the tall oven housings so they match our desired height?
Yes, we can alter the door sizes to perfectly suit your height.
What type of drawers come with a 1909 kitchen?
As standard they come with solid oak drawer boxes which are dovetailed. However you can change these to metal drawer boxes, which are cheaper.
Can I have this any colour?
1909 kitchens are available in 32 different colours!
What is the finish of the door, can I see the grain of the wood?
It has a smooth matt painted finish
Can I have bespoke sizes made?
Yes, we can order bespoke size doors within a maximum and minimum size. Please allow extra time for delivery.
Do I need to use your fitters?
We can supply 1909 kitchens without installation but it is an intricate range requiring a high degree of skill and would recommend our installers fit 1909 kitchens.
Do I have to use 1909 handles?
1909 handles are solid metal, we can suggest alternatives from their sister company or you can source your own.
Can I have a butt hinge on an appliance door?
You can now, 1909 now provide false hinges which can be retro fitted at installation.
What is the starting price of a 1909 kitchen?
1909 kitchens start from £20K. For a personalised quote call 01992 666150

View Our Real Kitchens

Nolte Corona kitchen in Papyrus Grey and Artic White
Fitzroy painted shaker in Chalk and Harforth Blue
Half pencil & scalloped in charcoal & partridge grey
Pendle Oak & Cream Shaker mix
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