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How to Design a Kitchen

How to Design a Kitchen

Welcome to our cosy corner where we chat about the heart of the home – the kitchen! Whether you’re a culinary whiz or a microwave maestro, having a kitchen that's both functional and inviting is crucial. Today, we’re slicing through the noise to answer your top five burning questions about kitchen design. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

Designing a kitchen is like going on a journey that keeps changing as our ways of using kitchens change. Nowadays, kitchens are not just used by one person for cooking. They are spaces for the whole family to cook, hang out, eat, work, and even relax. So, you need to plan your kitchen very carefully from the start. And who better to help with this than  kitchen designers?  We are sharing our tips and tricks with you to make this process easier. We're going to go through this process step by step. This way, you can bring all your creative kitchen ideas together with the practical stuff, creating a kitchen that's just right. And you'll be doing this using inspiration from some of the best kitchen designers in Hertfordshire.

Designing a kitchen often requires the skill of seasoned professionals. However, it's crucial that you, as the user, play an active role. This is because your usage patterns will significantly influence the kitchen design decisions. Our step-by-step guide is designed to help you learn how to design a kitchen just like a pro. But, always remember to consider whether each step aligns with your specific desires for the final layout and functionality. This way, you can harmoniously blend your final plans with all the kitchen images and styling ideas you've collected, resulting in the perfect space tailored to your needs.  
Make a List
Evaluating what your current kitchen offers compared to what you desire in your new kitchen design is crucial. It's often recommended to do this assessment yourself before consulting a kitchen planner or designer. Reflect on the aspects of your kitchen that work well and those that require improvement. This process also encourages creativity, prompting you to see if anything can be repurposed or recycled in your new design.

This stage is all about letting your imagination soar. What design style have you always wanted to try? Which appliances or fancy gadgets have you been eyeing? Jot down all the elements you've ever desired. Also, consider the flaws in your current kitchen setup that you'd like to address. Feel free to include abstract concepts in this list. These might be ideas like combining different materials for your cabinetry or experimenting with diverse countertop finishes. Your designer can assist in turning these imaginative ideas into reality.
Set Your Budget
You've dedicated countless hours to curating your perfect kitchen on Pinterest, scrolling through stunning #kitchengoals on social media, and flipping through design magazines. You're now ready to take the leap and build your dream kitchen. But the big question is - what's the actual cost? Your budget plays a pivotal role in shaping the kitchen you've envisioned. That's why it's critical to thoroughly research expenses before plunging into the project. Determining and adhering to a budget can indeed be tricky. A kitchen redesign, especially one that includes an extension, can come with a hefty price tag. However, there are strategies to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Your dream kitchen's actualization will heavily rely on your budget.

It's essential to determine a realistic spending limit for your project. Remember, your budget should account for not only the kitchen materials but also essentials like plumbing, wiring, lighting, appliances, flooring, decoration, labour, and final design touches. For good measure, it's advisable to add an additional 10% as a contingency to cover any unexpected costs that may arise.
How to Design a Kitchen budget image
How to design a kitchen - first design steps
First Design Steps
Embarking on a kitchen makeover journey starts with a well-laid plan. First, assess your space and envision how you want your kitchen to function. Are you a social butterfly needing an open-plan space for entertaining, or a busy parent requiring a kid-friendly zone? Setting a realistic budget is equally important – it's the blueprint that guides your decisions. And don’t forget about the timeline! Whether it's a weekend project or a month-long overhaul, managing your time efficiently is key.
Picking the perfect layout is like choosing the right recipe – it needs to suit your taste and lifestyle. The classic L-shaped kitchen is a crowd-pleaser, offering ample counter space and a functional working triangle. U-shaped kitchens are a chef's dream, with plenty of storage and surface area, while galley kitchens are ideal for narrower spaces. A pro tip: visit a local kitchen showroom to get a real feel for different layouts and gather some inspiration.
How to Design a Kitchen - Kitchen Showroom
How to design a kitchen - kitchen moodboard
Creating a visually appealing kitchen is like seasoning a dish – it needs the right balance. Color schemes set the mood; think warm hues for a cozy feel or cool tones for a modern touch. Lighting is the secret ingredient – layer it with task, ambient, and accent lights for a well-lit, inviting space. When it comes to cabinets, worktops, and flooring, harmony is key. Mix textures and materials that complement each other, reflecting your personal style and adding character to your kitchen.
Storage can make or break a kitchen’s functionality. Innovative solutions like pull-out drawers, corner cabinets, and overhead storage can turn every nook and cranny into a storage haven. Think vertical – use wall space for open shelving or hanging pots and pans. And remember, an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. Clever storage solutions not only save space but also keep your countertops clutter-free.
How to design a kitchen - kitchen storage
How to design a kitchen - Appliances Neff
Selecting appliances is a blend of form and function. Modern kitchens sing with energy-efficient and smart appliances – think fridges that can help you make shopping lists or ovens that preheat on command. Size matters too; ensure your appliances fit seamlessly into your design without overcrowding the space. And for that extra dash of style, match your appliance finishes with your kitchen’s aesthetic for a cohesive look.

There you have it – a hearty serving of kitchen design wisdom! Remember, designing your dream kitchen is a journey. Take your time, experiment with ideas, and don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from a kitchen showroom near you. With a pinch of creativity and a spoonful of planning, you’ll cook up a kitchen that’s not only beautiful but a joy to spend time in.

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Family Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Family Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Simple Tips for Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen
We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a place where the whole family can join together for cooking, baking, eating and simply enjoying being in each other’s company.
A well-designed kitchen can bring enjoyment and togetherness for the whole family but a kitchen that has been poorly designed can then become the source of stress, mess and chaos. Therefore, working with a designer you can come up with a concept that fits to the ‘rules’ of a good design but also caters to the whole families preferences and unique tastes.
Designers will understand that you need to be able to put your own signature twist on things but will also be able to help with designs that are better suited to families. For instance, sharp edges and cabinets that show stains like finger print marks aren’t ideal for families with young children.
So, to help you along the way, here are some pointers for a creating that family-friendly kitchen:
Focus on what you need, then what you want
When visualising your dream kitchen, it’s natural for your imagination to run wild. It’s a major home improvement and obviously you want to ensure each aspect is up to your expectations. However, when it comes to family-friendly designs, the presentation must take a step back and practicality needs to be precedent. For example, having an elaborately designed art-deco table and chairs or delicate antique ornaments probably isn’t going to be the wisest of choices.
So, the first thing to do when designing the perfect family kitchen is to think carefully about what you can include that will make your life easier and stress free. What do you need that will have as little superfluous detail as possible. Once these practicalities are out the way, you can then start to choose a design that will make your heart and eyes sing.
Make your kitchen easy to keep clean
One thing you will never regret is choosing materials that can be kept clean and hygienic easily. Opting for things like glossy tiles, decorative splashbacks and specialist paint that repels stains are all excellent for reducing cleaning times. The same can be said when choosing your kitchen units, opting for matt acrylic with anti-smudge & anti-smear technology is a great choice to make cleaning as easy as possible. As let’s face it, avoiding mess and mayhem in a family kitchen is 100% impossible but choosing the right materials will make all the difference.

Add a Burst of Colour to your kitchen
Thinking practically i.e. not choosing white or light cabinets doesn’t mean the kitchen has to lack personality, all it means is you need to bring your personal touch into the space subtly and strategically. This could be done by adding bold cabinets, coloured ceramic wall tiles or even creating your own custom splashback. This way you aren’t comprising on practicality and still having something totally unique, adding visual interest to your kitchen.

Child-proof countertops and cabinet fronts
Child-proof means any material that can handle children, which we all know means it needs to be pretty durable. When choosing cabinet doors, selecting materials that are easy to clean, abrasion resistant and can be kept hygienic with a quick wipe are super important. Also, choosing soft close hinges would not only help to reduce things like trapped fingers but would also decrease the amount of wear and tear on the kitchen doors.
Countertops of course need to be attractive but they will no doubt be bashed and battered once the children are let loose on them, so choosing a material that has the durability to stay looking attractive long term is the best way to go. The best option for this of course would be natural stone but this can be a little pricey. Quartz or laminate are much more cost effective and they are incredibly hard-wearing, impervious to heat and have a low absorption water rate meaning they can cope with spills, ideal for a family-friendly kitchen.
A few simple safety measures will also certainly make a difference for your family friendly space and to your peace of mind. Consider things like raising appliances such as ovens off the floor, if this isn’t an option consider child safety locks or choosing drawers with built-in locking mechanisms.
Consider open plan 
Open plan is becoming more and more popular among parents with children that are younger and if it’s an option it could be worth considering as having a large shared living space can be much better for the family in a social and practical aspect. It means the whole family can be together, whether someone is cooking in the kitchen while another is relaxing or doing their homework, everyone can spend some quality time together. It also means you can always keep your eye on the children.
Go Big with Your Kitchen Island
If there is space in your kitchen to accommodate a large island, go for it. There really is nothing better to encourage the whole family to come together.
When there is potential for several children ‘helping out’ in the kitchen, what you think might be an adequately sized kitchen island can soon become the opposite. Kitchen islands tend not to be just used for prepping, baking, cooking meals but also as a social space for interaction and enjoyment, although only if the island is big enough to handle it.
A kitchen island is also great for storage too or even an under-counter wine fridge, just remember you would need to consider space for electrics and plumbing if you want a sink or hob in the top.
A Place for Everything
Use the vertical space at your disposal to bring additional cupboards, cabinets and shelves into your kitchen. Anything that keeps clutter to a minimum (and keeps curious fingers safe) will make a welcome addition to your family kitchen.
Ensuring there is ‘less things’ on the surfaces and worktops will not only help with sanitizing and cleaning but will also mean there will be less dust, dirt, grease and grime. It also means there is more free space for the family to enjoy. This can be achieved by many storage solutions such as pantry racks, drawer organisers and Le-Mans corner unit storage.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Space savers
If your kitchen space isn't as spacious as those featured in high-end magazines, it's crucial to employ astute and clever kitchen storage ideas and designs. With a myriad of possibilities at your disposal, a touch of thoughtful planning can morph your kitchen into a visually pleasing yet functional space tailored to your requirements. 

kitchen design:
getting it right
Your kitchen's configuration serves as a fundamental strategy for space creation and conservation, whether you're starting from zero or aiming to enhance your current setup. Initiating your storage revamp requires an understanding of your kitchen usage patterns. Ponder over the following:
  • What extent of countertop space is necessary for your culinary activities?
  • Is the ease of navigation between your cooker, sink, and refrigerator a priority?
  • Which gadgets and tools do you frequently use?
Once you have established this, you can then think about the shape of your kitchen;
What is the best layout for the shape of the room?
U-shaped kitchens allow room for a lot of small units in a small space whereas galley kitchens work better in long narrow spaces.  
Is there a way you can open-up the room and create open-plan space? 
This could be knocking down a wall for instance.  
All of this can be discussed with a kitchen designer who will be able to help plan the best layout to suit you and your kitchen lifestyle.
kitchen cupboards:
consider every option
The key is to consider how you can make the most out of every cupboard, using all the space, enhancing storage. This could mean you may need to make some sacrifices elsewhere such as lose a small amount of worktop so you can include a full height cupboard.
Bespoke fitted cupboards and taller units can also create more room by taking them up to the ceiling offering more vertical space.
The most common wasted space area in a kitchen is corner cabinets, opting for corner cabinets with carousels are always going to make use of the space better.

get creative
These days there are so many creative ways to improve storage all over the house, not just the kitchen. Things such as baskets, shelf-risers, racks, hooks can all be used inside cupboards and drawers and will not only increase storage but keep things organised too. You can also use this same creativity in your fridge, to make sure you can fit in that weekly shop.
Try to think out of the box, even the over looked areas can become useful like the top of the fridge or even the windowsill to house your favourite cookery books. Just ensure by doing this the light to the room doesn’t become blocked.
open shelving:
practical &
To give your kitchen more of an open-feel, shelving can be used. It’s a great replacement to buying to cupboards, therefore also reducing price. Shelves can be installed instead of wall units or even added above the cupboards for extra storage, perfect for the things are rarely used. An important thing to remember is that the items that are stored on the shelves are likely to pick up some kitchen grease and grime, so bear in mind that you may need to spend a bit more time cleaning.
appliances: think compact
Although most people’s dream is to have the top of the range cooker and big American-style fridge freezer, this isn’t always a practical idea when trying to be space savvy in your design.
Built-in appliances are always going to give a much sleeker, tidier appearance than freestanding and again save you that all important space.  When researching for your appliances, try looking for slim-line or compact versions of the same or similar product – they are likely to have the same functions or similar but take up a lot less space in your kitchen. Also, consider whether it is imperative to have certain appliances, for example, yes we all hate doing the washing up but removing a dishwasher from your plan will create a lot more cupboard space.
Do you really need that warming drawer or built-in coffee machine?
Being savvy with your kitchen might sometimes have to come at the cost of losing something that you don’t really need to have.
be wise
Lighting isn’t just about being able to see when it darks, it’s so important to give your kitchen a spacious feel. The thing that absolutely needs to be avoided is blocking out any natural light that comes into the room i.e. keeping the windows clear and tidy.
 When choosing your synthetic lighting try to opt for bright lights that won’t then be obstructed from shade such as ceiling spotlights. Brighten up your worktops with under cabinet spotlighting.
 Surfaces can also play a huge part in increasing the light in the room, opting for glossy, reflective or mirrored surfaces will help the light to bounce around the room. You could also consider high-gloss doors, clear glass panes in cupboard doors and reflective splashbacks which will all add light to your room.
colour choices:
play around
Being clever with colour can brighten up a room and make it seem bigger than it is. Opting for same colour cupboards will give a seamless look and make the room appear ‘endless’. This can be achieved with most colours so you don’t have to stick to neutrals but it is also best to steer away from very dark colours as this will have the opposite effect.
Another option would be to make a statement whether that’s with splashes of bold colour, such as coloured splashbacks or creating a feature wall to draw people’s eyes to the design rather than the dimensions of the room.
If you’re interested in patterns, opting for horizontal stripes will make the room feel wider while vertical will give the appearance of a higher ceiling. 
tidy kitchen:
clutter free
Keeping a kitchen tidy and clutter free is vital to keep a space feeling bigger, clu
tter can make any space feel small and overcrowded. Try to keep the worktops as clear as possible by adding hooks to drawers, using magnetic knife racks and as previously mentioned adding shelves to the walls. A clear work top will instantly give you that feeling of space.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Worktop

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Worktop


Your choice of kitchen worktop is one of the major decisions of your kitchen project as it has a visual impact second only to the cabinetry. Once the kitchen layout and cabinets have been chosen, the next most important choice is the worktop material and colour choice. You will need to ask yourself some questions about how you are going to use your worktop and also compliment the cabinetry that you have chosen.

The choice of composite, concrete, wood or stone will come down to how it combines with your choices and routine. When you question yourself on how you will use the kitchen, you will find yourself eliminating some options as not practical for the way you use the kitchen. Someone who prepares food from scratch and enjoys cooking complex recipes or who bakes a great deal will probably not want a surface that is hard to maintain and keep clean.

If you read the pros and cons below, we will be able to guide you through your options.  You can also jump to a particular section usinig the links below:


YouTube Video
Granite Kitchen Worktops
Quartz Kitchen Worktops
Timber Kitchen Worktops
Laminate Kitchen worktops
Glass Kitchen Worktops
Marble Kitchen Worktops
Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops
Steel Kitchen Worktops


How to choose the right kitchen worktop
Your kitchen worktops will be used for preparing, serving and, potentially, dining and will need to withstand regular, intensive cleaning. They are a natural focal point in your kitchen, complimenting the kitchen cabinets and kitchen flooring, and have become a key part of the design process. You’re going to be using them multiple times a day, so it’s important to choose a kitchen worktop type – or types if you're picking more than one material for your kitchen – that you like the look of, as well as a surface that will suit your lifestyle.
As your kitchen surfaces will need to deal with daily cleaning, preparation of food, and most likely, people eating at a counter or breakfast bar, the following will need to be considered:
  • Will you need an easily maintained surface? Are you prepared for extra maintenance? Will you be extra careful if you would like a natural product that needs more care?
  • Do you regularly put hot pans down on to the worksurface?
  • Do you have children who will leave fingerprints? If so, you may need a matt finish worksurface.
How to Choose the right Kitchen Worktop 2


The options commonly chosen are stone, wood, composite (man-made surfaces) and laminate. Each have their pros and cons.
Exotic choices include brass, stainless steel and concrete. They are fast becoming popular as a way to create that fashionable industrial look.
Natural stone and wood, which have many grains and patterns to choose from, look fabulous in any kitchen. These surfaces, however, can scratch and stain and require sealing on regular basis.  
Man-made materials like quartz or Corian, are easier to clean and are non-porous durable worktops.
For those with a budget in mind, laminate worktops are probably the best option. The chipboard core is laminated with a plastic covering. These coverings have got more intricate and textured over the years. The latest laminate worktops can provide convincing imitations of wood grains, quartz and marble surfaces.
How to choose the right kitchen worktop 3
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Granite Kitchen worktops


  • Hard wearing
  • Fairly Heat resistant (although a trivet is always recommended)
  • Easy to clean (may be harder in hard water areas to keep clean)
  • It is porous (it can stain)
  • Expensive (compared to laminates)
  • It can chip on an edge if hit with enough force
What is it? 
Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic eruptions in Earth’s history. The colours will come from different parts of the world ending up cut and polished in your home. If it is sealed properly it should not stain.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
Granite is heat resistant, scratch resistant and, if sealed properly, stain resistant. It is a strong natural stone that will be easy to maintain as a kitchen worktop.
Is it easy to maintain?
Granite worktops should only need wiping down with a soft cloth and a mild detergent solution on a daily basis. There are deep cleaning products which can bring lustre back to granite worksurfaces and can be used yearly.
What are the negatives?
Expense is probably top of a short list of downsides. Natural granite will vary from £ 250 per linear metre to £ 500 per linear metre for some exotic stones. The price is determined by the availability of the raw material and where it comes from in the world. It is porous, so it is not as stain resistant as man made stone such as quartz.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Granite Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Quartz Kitchen worktops
Quartz worktops are the man made version of the natural stone options of marble and granite. They mimic the beauty of the natural product but add stronger construction and higher resistance to stains. You can also select single colours not available from natural stone.
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Antibacterial (most manufacturers)
  • Easy to keep clean (non porous)
  • 1000’s of colours to choose from (including imitations of marble)
  • Uniform patterning
  • Expensive compared to laminate
What is quartz?
Quartz is constructed by taking ground up quartzite ( a natural stone material) and mixing it with resin to bind it and pigment to colour it. It is produce in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it? 
The look and feel of Quartz is very similar to natural stones like granite. As it is man-made, it is not porous as it is held together by a resin. It is therefore stronger than granite and is more resistant to heat and staining. With all worktops, we would still recommend using a trivet when taking hot pans off the hob.
Is it easy to maintain?
Cleaning Quartz is essentially the same as with man made stones. Place a soft cloth in a weak solution of cleaning fluid and warm water (1 part per 100 of water) and wipe the surfaces down. When stone is installed, the installation team will often wipe the surfaces down with methylated spirits. If attempting this at home, make sure the room is well ventilated.
What are the negatives?
The cost of quartz worktops varies depending on what manufacturer’s brand you choose. Your price should include the template (measuring), cutting, polishing and a return visit to install. Expect to pay anywhere between £ 2000.00 to upwards of £ 5000.00 for some elite brands’ offerings. As with natural stone, the cost of the slabs used to make the worktops can greatly vary the price. Another limitation is that quartz colours are uniform as they are constructed using a man-made pattern or single colour.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Quartz Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Timber Kitchen worktops
The lustre of natural wood can be used within a traditional or modern setting and often brings warmth to any kitchen design.
  • A lot Cheaper than Stone
  • Plenty of wood grains and stained colours
  • Will develop character with age
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Wood products may scratch
  • Can swell if not maintained properly
What are Timber Worktops?
Timber worktops are constructed from small planks of wood which are called staves. They can be purchased in 2m,3m and sometimes 4m lengths and in depths of 600-650mm depending on the manufacturer. There are some worktop suppliers who will offer a bespoke template (measure) and install service. The most popular variants of wood are oak, bamboo, wenge, iroko and beech. However, there are many other variants out there and some species come stained in a colour. 
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
A natural product, wood can add such a feeling of warmth with the beautiful grain that comes woven in every stave. It is much more cost effective than stone worktops. The approximate cost for a full kitchen would be between £400 and £1000, depending on the species of wood. Your timber worktop will age and bring character to the kitchen over the years. Darkening in lustre in the case of lighter species and fading in the case of darker species as oil coats are applied. Light scratches can be sanded out to keep the wood looking it is best.
Is it easy to maintain?
As with most worktops, wiping with a soft cloth soaked in a weak soap solution will clean the timber. Several coats of oil need to be applied in the first six months. After this, a couple of additional coats of oil per year are needed. This protective barrier will ensure that spills do not seep into the wood and stain it. You must not use anything abrasive like a brillo pad as this will scratch the wood surface.
The cons?
Wood requires more maintenance than any other worksurface. Its natural beauty can also be more easily damaged by heat or spills.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Timber Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Laminate Kitchen worktops
Laminate worktops are the most cost effective and are extremely hard wearing. The amount of laminate worktops sold outstrips all other materials. It is constructed using ground up chipboard which is pressed into sheets and then a plastic sheeting is stuck on or ‘laminated’ to it to form hardwearing surface that is visible.
  • Cheap
  • Antibacterial
  • Available in textured finishes.
  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely hard wearing – scratch and heat resistant.
  • A large choice of finishes means it will suit most styles of kitchen.
  • Peeling can occur if moisture seeps in.
  • It is heat resistant, but high heats can burn or melt the laminate.
  • Very sharp objects can cut/ scratch the laminate.
What is laminate? 
Laminate is made by bonding a patterned thick plastic sheet on to a chipboard substrate. 
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
Laminate worktops are cost effective and the cheapest of all kitchen worktops. A very basic 3m length would start from as little as £ 100. The benefits from selecting laminate are that laminate is resilient to staining and are available in an enormous range of colours and textures. The DIY enthusiast would be able to install laminate as it only requires a router and a worktop Jig (and a bit of patience) to install them.
Is it easy to maintain?
The laminate can be scored or scratched which is not easily repaired. Very hot pans should be placed on a trivet to avoid burning the laminate surface. All laminates can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent solution.
The Cons?
Laminate can look beautiful, but it will never be as hard wearing or resistant as solid surfaces. More expensive laminates will have better heat and scratch resistance, so beware of the cheapest worktops.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Laminate  Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Glass Kitchen worktops
Glass is a more specialist worksurface. Many glass splashback suppliers will not offer it as a service. Like splashbacks, it is painted on the non-used side to give the glass a particular colour. It can even be produced on a ‘crackled’ effect. It is normally produced in 20mm thickness and can be produced in longer lengths than most solid surfaces.
  • Can be made in larger sizes and dimensions than most surfaces
  • It is (as most glass) easy to maintain
  • Very durable
  • Extremely heat resistant
  • Any colour can be painted on to the glass
  • Very sleek effect
  • Very Expensive
  • Like most glass, smudges and fingerprints are noticeable
What are glass worktops made from?
They are made from toughened glass for maximum durability. Glass worktops are non-porous, and available in a multitude of colours and a variety of finishes. For an eco-friendly worksurface, recycled glass is available. As lots of coloured glass chips that are melted together, this has the appearance of a quartz worktop.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
With no fissures, the smooth glass surface will not let any residue into it to stain. Glass is moisture proof with spills able to be wiped clean easily. Glass can make a beautiful worksurface. Glass worktops are highly heat-resistant. For glass worksurfaces throughout your kitchen, expect to pay upwards of £ 4000.
Is it easy to maintain?
Glass worktops can be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Finger smudges and residue would need wiping down regularly. Glass worktops are extremely hygienic
The Cons?
Glass worktops (like all glass) can be scratched. As above, fingerprints and smudges may push the most clinical of cleaners to despair.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Glass Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Marble Kitchen worktops
Marble’s inherent natural beauty is undeniable. The swathes and swirls of naturally occurring patterns are mesmerizing. It is a very popular kitchen worksurface throughout the world and can suit most styles of kitchen.
  • Unmistakeable luxury
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Easily obtainable marbles can be cheaper than quartz.
  • Easily stains due to fissures in the stone
  • Can scratch and mark – although this is the stone weathering
What is marble?
Marble is a sedimentary rock, formed by pressure. A natural stone used in classical architecture and sculpture. Marble is steeped in such history that it’s use enhances any kitchen.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
Nothing makes a statement more than the right piece of marble as a centrepiece for your kitchen. Elegant and assured, it screams luxury. It is a durable worksurface which always stays cool to the touch. Marble will vary in price depending on how much is pulled out of the ground each year. An average kitchen would be upwards of £ 3000.
Is it easy to maintain?
Although it is a stunning worksurface, it is not as easy to maintain as other solid surface worktops. It does not react well to acid, which can eat away at the surface. Fizzy drinks or lemon juice will stain marble and leave a mark where the spill occurred. It will weather, meaning that fine scratches are inevitable. Specialist cleaners and sealants are available from manufacturers like Lithofin which will bring back some lustre and give a deeper clean to the marble. Normal cleaning should be done with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.
The Cons?
You need to be careful when cleaning, avoiding abrasive cleaners. Spills should be wiped clean straight away and not left on the worksurface.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - Marble Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - corian Kitchen worktops
Corian was Dupont’s creation and when people say Corian to describe all solid surfaces, there are actually more manufacturers such as HI-MACS which is produced by LG.  
  • Good heat and scratch resistance
  • Can be joined seamlessly
  • Highly Stain resistant
  • Can be thermoformed into any shape
  • On the expensive side
  • If marked, it is expensive to repair
What is it? 
Solid surface worktops are resins produced in 12mm thick sheets which are bonded to a moisture resistant MDF substrate. They can be joined seamlessly and can be moulded into any shape.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it?
If a smooth, soft sleek look is what you are looking for, then solid surface worktops will be your answer. With single colour options and patterned variants available, these worktops are more suited to modern kitchen design. Although these worktops have a good resistance to heat and scratches, they are significantly less resistant than quartz worktops.
The material expands and contracts with heat, so boiling water can split the surface. Expect to the cost for a standard size kitchen to be upwards of  £3000.
How Easy is it to maintain?
Solid surface worktops are very easy to keep clean and just require a regular clean with a soft damp cloth using a weak deterrent solution.
The Drawbacks?
Repairing a damaged solid surface worktop is very expensive.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - corian  Kitchen worktops 2
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - stainless steel Kitchen worktops
Most predominantly used within commercial kitchens, this surface is at it’s best when designed for an industrial style look.
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Water-proof
  • Stain resistant
  • Cold to touch
  • Has a clinical feel
  • Large areas may be too much for a kitchen within a home.
Why choose stainless steel?
As an island feature worksurface or within a small kitchen, stainless steel can really make an industrial feel kitchen sing.
How good of a kitchen worktop is it? 
Like stainless steel sinks, steel worksurfaces will scratch, but this is to be accepted and part of its weathering process. It is a highly durable worksurface with extremely high resistance to heat and corrosion. Totally water resistant and anti-bacterial.
How easy is it to maintain?
Day to day, it can be wipes down and cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution. It should be cleaned with a dedicated stainless steel cleaner from time to time to bring back its lustre. For extra shine, rub in some baby oil to the surface.
The drawbacks?
As above, the material will scratch. If you can accept this is just how it is, stainless steel could be for you.
How to choose Kitchen Worktops - stainless steel Kitchen worktops 2

There are other worksurfaces not mentioned above as they are not often requested, but steel options. Concrete, ceramic, copper and tiled worksurfaces are also available. Whatever worksurface you choose, always seek advice and request to see as large a sample of the surface as possible before committing.


If you liked this article, check out our 2021 kitchen trends here


Top Ten Kitchen Trends 2021

Top Ten Kitchen Trends 2021

Whether you are interested in kitchen design or looking to start a kitchen project, we have collected ten examples of the most current kitchen trends to look out for in 2021
1. Gold Standard

Sinks and taps are available in a variety of colours, textures and finishes. The look of the wet area of your kitchen is equally as important as the functionality. The size, shape and material chosen for the sink impacts the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.
Gold or brass effect sinks are more and more popular with most sink manufacturers adding a gold sink and tap to their range. When twinned with matching handles, the effect is stunning and is the first kitchen trend on the list.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 1 Gold
Gold sink and Tap on Display

2. Dramatic Black

In the past, black has been used as just an accent colour. Now it is taking centre stage as the fashion for shaker style has grown and is our second kitchen trend to look out for next year. Multiple furniture makers are realising the grandiose statement that a black kitchen can make. If a warm wood is introduced it can soften and warm the look so that it makes for an inviting space rather than seeming cold. Dark black worktops with ripples of lighter material also add drama to the kitchen area.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 2 Black Handleless Kitchen
Real Kitchen installation - Nolte Pheonix Matt Black

3. The Beauty of Stone

Those who work with stone know that there are over 200 natural stones available which are hardly utilized or seen as mainstream for the kitchen industry. However, the natural beauty of highly veined marble or granite has found a following. Carrara Marble is immensely popular it’s grey veining adds drama to the worktop. Although man made stone can imitate it, nothing has replicated the stunning look of this natural material.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 3 1909 Kitchens Marble worktop image
Natural Marble worktop and splashback

4. Handleless Kitchens
While it has been a noticeable entry in kitchen trends over the last ten years, handleless kitchens are still highly sought after and fashionable. Nothing can produce an uncluttered, sleek and streamlined looks as handleless kitchens can. Woods and colour or white and texture can be paired to create some truly eye-popping designs.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 4 Nolte Handleless
Nolte Handleless Kitchen in Portland hand polished concrete.

5. Additional Spaces

Utility rooms are great for storing the functional machines, the washing machine and tumble dryer. Add a sink and a lot of the untidy work can be closed off from view. There is a growing need and want for a larder or pantry in addition to the utility room. With kitchens often part of a super-room design, a portion of the space can be divided off to form a pantry where everything can be laid out sensibly and stylishly and is one of our favourite kitchen trends for 2021.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 5 Pantry Units
Pantry Unit hidden behind concealed doors in a 1909 Kitchen

6. The Art of Display

With the world seemingly moving at increasingly fast speeds, we need spaces to relax and slow down. Carefully curating the kitchen area to display cookery books and decorative pieces. Dresser units and glazed display units are increasingly planned into the kitchen area to achieve a homely feel that can act as a calming influence. Creating a haven to hideaway in, away from the rigours and demands of modern day life is a growing trend in kitchen design.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 6 Curated Shelving
Curated Shelves in a recently installed 1909 Kitchen

7. Colour Pops

The explosion of colour options means there are literally hundreds of combinations that are possible for cabinetry within a kitchen. The brave are reaping the benefits of stunning colour combinations. If choosing a striking colour for your units is too scary, a feature wall can be painted to give that pop of colour. Choosing colour is a personal thing. We all respond to different colours differently. Trends come and go, so choose a colour that speaks to you and will give you a feel good factor in the long term.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 7 Colour pops
Mustard Yellow pops of colour in a recent Nolte Kitchens installation

8. Luscious Larders

Pantry units or larders as they are more commonly known have been a requirement in a well organised kitchen for decades. With the increase in popularity of modern kitchens, larders with space saving mechanisms have become de rigeur.
Kitchen Larders are also very popular with in frame cabinetry, often garnished with sumptuous wooden inserts and storage areas.
Rather than fill every wall with wall cabinetry, a kitchen can be designed with a specific storage area designed around stylish larders which look amazing and have real practical storage value.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 8 Larders
Larder Heaven in this Nolte Kitchen

9. Pretty in Pink

We are not talking lipstick shades, but subtle examples of pink have permeated the offerings of many kitchen manufacturers. We have seen this mostly in traditional cabinetry where a pastel shade can bring a timeless look with a twist to an in-frame design.

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 9 Pink
Dry Rose Pink accent colour kitchen island

10. Double Down

When space is no object and opulence is the objective, then only two islands will do. Most people pine for one island to complete their preparation and storage dreams within the kitchen. For those with the space, desire and funds only two will do!

Kitchen Trends 2021 | Image of Kitchen Trend no 10 Double islands
Nolte Kitchen with two islands

If you have seen anything that interests you and you would like to know more, please contact us Send email



Are Boiling Water Taps Worth It?

Are Boiling Water Taps Worth It?


Find out the pros and cons of instant-hot-water taps, how much they cost, and how big brands such as Franke, InSinkerator and Quooker compare. 
Boiling-water taps provide hot water instantly without needing to turn on the kettle. When cooking you won’t need to boil the water in a pan on the hob. As the kettle can be unsightly and can also be a pain to use and maintain in a hard water area, boiling-water taps are a convenient solution. A boiling-water tap is a integrated element of your kitchen, in that it needs a plumbed in connection, an electrical connection and fits through your worksurfaces like a traditional tap.
We’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages to help make up your mind whether you need to invest in a boiling-water tap. There are many brands offering boiling water taps and we try to break down the options of as many as we could below.

 You can also jump straight to a particular section using the links below:

Hot-water tap advantages and disadvantages
Hot-water tap running costs
Hot-water tap features
Hot-water tap comparison
You Tube Video
Quooker tap 1
Why consider installing a boiling water tap?
The main selling point of a boiling tap is that the hot water flow is instantaneous. With a kettle you need to fill it up and wait for it to boil. Boiling Water taps take water from you house’s main cold water pipe and store it in a tank which is fitted into the sink unit of your kitchen. This tank will keep the water at a warmer temperature and then boil it quickly when required. You turn your boiling water tap and – hey presto – no waiting, no fuss, boiling water flows straight away. Pans, mugs and cups can be filled directly from the taps spout , making them simple and easy to fill just the amount of boiling water you need. As you only take what you need, boiling water taps are less expensive to run.


The safety features of Hot water taps ensure that the risk of scolding is less than using a kettle. Handles are childproof and the sides of the taps are insulated to prevent any scolding.
Worktop space will be increased as the need for a kettle is eliminated. Anyone with dexterity problems or issues lifting heavy kettles may find hot water taps an easier option.
Most hot water taps sold today have an integrated mineral filter which will help remove any harsh tasting chemicals.
If you live in a hard water area, most Hot water taps will come with (or have an option to buy) an additional charcoal filter to soften the water. This will prevent limescale build up and extend the life of the tank which stores and heats the water.


The price of Hot Water taps is the main sticking point with purchasers. With the entry point for hot water taps at about £ 400 -500 and some high end models costing £ 2000, the kettle will often seem the sensible, cost effective option.
Some boiling water taps are available with fitting included in the cost price, but not all. They can be installed by the end user but would normally be installed by a plumber the cost of this needs to be allowed for if purchasing a model which does not include installation. Replacement filters for hard water filters and servicing costs need to be allowed for also.
Boiling Tap Running Costs
Most manufacturers agree and will promote the fact that hot water taps are more economical to run than a kettle.
Quooker states on its website that one of its taps will cost 3p per day to run when left on standby. The approximate cost of boiling a kettle which contains a litre of water is about 2p.
So, if you have just two cups of coffee or tea each day, a hot water tap will save you money on you electricity costs.
The initial cost of the taps, however, mean that the upfront costs wont be recouped assuming you keep the same kettle for the lifetime of the tap. If cash is key, then a kettle will be the cheapest option.
Features of boiling taps
Boiling Taps are available in many different variations. Essentially they fall into 4 categories: Boiling water only taps which are normally separated to you main kitchen tap and only dispense hot water; Two in one taps, which will run cold and boiling hot water; Three in on taps, which can dispense boiling water as well as carry out the work of your normal tap by delivering normal hot and cold water (with these taps, you only need one tap in the kitchen).
The most advanced taps are the four in one taps, which will deliver normal hot and cold as well as boiling water and chilled cold water. With the advent of the Quooker Cube, this cold filtered water can be carbonated in order to dispense cold filtered sparkling water. Most taps will have tanks which have a capacity of 2 Litres. The largest tanks available can holt a whopping 11 litres.
Quooker’s taps start at £950 for the Nordic Round model. The most expensive 4-in-1 model with Cube cold filtered add on will come in at a whopping £1,890. Quooker offer free installation. Quooker have a vast array of taps in many different finishes. Their Fusion and Flex models have a single spout to deliver all water with the Quooker Flex offering a flexible pull out spout.
Quooker have three tank sizes available: three-litre, seven-litre and 11-litre.  Each hot water tank has a mineral filter built into it, which should last five years. In hard water areas, Quooker recommends purchasing it’s in line charcoal filter which will reduce limescale ( The cost for this is £ 245, with replacement filters costing £ 90). Quooker also sell a cold-water filter to make drinking water taste better. It's available on the Flex and Fusion taps and needs to replaced every six months.
Insinkerators’ taps start at £ 550 without installation. InSinkerator does not have as wide an offering as Quooker with just 5 different taps. A 3-in-1 tap with cold, hot and steaming hot water is available for £729 with installation included. InSinkerator now produce 4-in1 models. All Insinkerator taps come with built-in filters. The size of the tank in the InSinkerator models is 2.5-litre. InSinkerator recommend changing the filter every six months. Two filters costs £ 89. 
Franke’s Boiling taps start at £ 999, with its top model, the Omni costing £ 1500. 3-in-1 models include the Minerva which, as above, will dispense hot and cold filtered water as well as boiling hot water. The four in one version is called the Omni and will provide normal hot and cold, cold filtered and boiling water. Replacement filters will require replacing every four to six months. Replacement filters costs £40 and there is a warning light to let you know when it is time to change it.

The above brands are the market leaders in Hot Water taps, but they are by no means the only brands available. Other options      include:


Please click on the link above to take a look at the taps these companies have to offer. You may use these links to purchase their hot water taps on Amazon.

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Breakfast Bar Stool Guide

Breakfast Bar Stool Guide

A finishing touch
You have planned, you have prepared and you have installed your lovely new kitchen (hopefully purchased from our Hertfordshire showroom). Your island/breakfast bar looks amazing and will become the hub of your home. What will your family sit on when you are creating wonderful meals in your new appliances?

Whenever we post new real kitchens to our website, we always get asked - where are the bar stools from? As we do not sell them, we normally have to ask our clients, so we have decided to give a review of the 5 most popular styles and where to buy them from.
Cuban bar stools
The most popular selling bar stool. It has a simple design and is available in a variety of colours. Normally made in a faux leather finish, they are cost effective as two can be purchased for under £ 100 pounds depending on where you buy.

The majority of our customers tend to purchase these in light grey and darker colours. If you are looking for these type of stools we would recommend 
Industrial look
In keeping with the latest styles in our kitchen showroom here at Cheshunt, industrial materials are very much on trend. Metals, ceramics and woods are combined to create a sharp look.
If your finished kitchen is a stone, slate, metal or ceramic look, then opting for wooden minimalistic stools can really add that finishing touch to your new kitchen.
Modern Style
Available in black, cream, white, red, two tone and grey, this type of breakfast bar stool is popular for handleless German kitchens like our Nolte Kitchens. If your kitchen is a sleek gloss or matt finish minimalist masterpiece, then this stool could be the one for your to complete the look.

Adding a splash of colour to a modern kitchen is essential to bring the space to life. The colour you choose can be repeated in your kitchen accessories or the soft furnishings in the kitchen space.
If your kitchen is has a more traditional theme. It could be one of our painted shaker kitchens or it could be a 1909 Kitchen. You will need a complementary seat to  complete the look. 
We have seen some beautiful breakfast bar seats purchased buy our customers, but these vintage rustic stools are the most popular and our favourites.
All purpose
Whether selecting a traditional inframe or modern look kitchen, some breakfast bar stools can look at home in either kitchen style. One of the most popular seating we see purchased by our customers are these stools which are a mixture of comfort and styling.

This range is available in pastel colours so can blend with most kitchen colour schemes. They are comfortable and hard wearing and will complete the look of your new kitchen with an inviting place to sit.
There are many other ranges of breakfast bar stools and we have only shown the five most popular. Watch out for later blogs where we will take a look at some of the more bespoke options available.

Please take a look through our ranges if you would like some inspiration when looking for your new kitchen.

For any enquiries please email info@candckitchens.co.uk

Cheshunt Kitchen Showroom

Cheshunt Kitchen Showroom

Check out our new displays

Our 2nd showroom in Cheshunt has now been refitted with all the latest kitchen trends. Our showroom has nine large full kitchen layouts which showcase the best our British and German manufacturers have to offer.
Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom | Display 1 | Nolte Kitchens Portland
Portland Cement by Nolte
With large displays of German Kitchens like Nolte and bespoke in-frame product from 1909 Kitchens, the Cheshunt showroom offers customers a wide choice of finishes. With an experienced team of designers available to help get the most from the space available to customers looking to create their dream kitchen.
If you live in Hertfordshire or North London and are thinking about a new kitchen, come along and check out our Cheshunt showroom. There is plenty of parking available next to the showroom and with Tesco, Brookfield Farm opposite, you could pop in after a weekly shop and combine the two.

C & C Kitchens is a Neff 5* Master Partner and a Siemens IQ centre. With over 100 appliances at both stores, we have more than enough models to help you choose your appliances.
Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom | Display 2 | 1909 Kitchens
Contact details for the Cheshunt Showroom are:

24 The Fairways
New River Trading Estate
Waltham Cross

TEL: 01992 666 150

1909 Kitchens

1909 Kitchens

The kitchen everyone is talking about

A 1909 painted kitchen gives a home that cosy, traditional feel that is hard not to fall in love with. Some may say that painted kitchens best suit an older property or country cottage, but with 1909 kitchens, they can be adapted to suit any home, modern or traditional. In frame painted 1909 kitchens have a timeless quality, which can be enhanced with more contemporary elements, such as stainless steel sinks, to bring a modern edge to a classic kitchen.
1909 Kitchens Blog | 1909 kitchen Image 1 | Cheshunt Showroom
1909 kitchens
Designed in Britain, the 1909 range is a collection of beautiful Shaker-style kitchens which have a timeless quality. They are meticulously crafted from smooth grained timber, which gives the painted door a beautiful matt finish. All doors are hand sprayed, and with a choice from 24 different colours, you can achieve any look you crave – whether you opt for a single colour or opt for a combination of colours in either contrasting or complementary tones.
The drawers have solid oak sides with traditional dovetailed joints, and the cupboard interiors can come in a choice of painted, oak or mirrored finishes. There are numerous handles to choose from, which come in your choice of chrome, nickel and pewter. The butt hinges, which are manufactured in Birmingham, also come in a choice of chrome, nickel and pewter.
1909 Kitchens Blog | 1909 kitchen Image 2 | Cheshunt Showroom
1909 Kitchens Blog | 1909 kitchen Image 3 | Cheshunt Showroom
Storage Solutions
It is essential to have some clever and innovative storage ideas in any modern kitchen, and the 1909 range gives plentiful storage options without compromising on the classic look of the kitchen. The 1909 pantry is any cooks dream, and opens up many storage possibilities. It even includes a sliding rail, which packs even more handy storage into the space!
Shallow drawers can be accessorised with solid oak inserts to compartmentalise all of your kitchen utensils, and deeper drawers can include solid oak pins, which helps to prevent your crockery from sliding about.
1909 Kitchens Blog | 1909 kitchen Image 4 | Cheshunt Showroom
1909 Kitchens Blog | 1909 kitchen Image 5 | Cheshunt Showroom
If you are short on cupboard space, then extra height wall cupboards can be used to give you more storage. The top section can be glazed to give an interesting decorative touch. Pull out larders can be used to maximise cupboard space and give easy access to your cooking ingredients.
Those Finishing Touches
There are endless possibilities to give the 1909 kitchen that bespoke finish that sets your kitchen out from the rest. Our talented kitchen designers will be able to enhance your kitchen with those little details which make all the difference. You may like to use mirror backed glazed cupboards to create a open feel or to display some treasured crockery. Pillasters can be used to create a feature of a portion of your kitchen, or book shelves can be incorporated into your kitchen. Pop into our show room, and ask one of our designers to work their magic to create the perfect kitchen for you.

Calm kitchen for a busy family

Calm kitchen for a busy family


A Nolte Manhattan Handleless Kitchen

We were delighted to design this beautiful Nolte handleless kitchen, which needed to fit in with the complex needs for this charming, yet busy family. The kitchen itself is set back from direct sunlight, and although the obvious choice would be gloss white furniture, this was not the look that these clients wanted. After careful deliberation, this family chose Nolte Manhattan Wood Pore Lava, for the delicate grain effect, and Touch Magnolia for the tactile qualities, both of which complemented the earthy tones of the flooring. 30mm Silestone Blanco Norte Quartz worktops were selected to tie the whole theme together. This colour palette enhances the calming and relaxed setting which these clients were looking for, and took away the boxed in feeling without being plain and boring.
View to the garden from this beautiful Nolte Handleless kitchen.
The Mother of the family works full time, with a demanding job, and she needed a kitchen where she could prepare and cook meals for her children, who all eat at different times due to their different commitments. We incorporated into the design of this Nolte kitchen a microwave oven and an induction hob, which enable family meals to be prepared quickly and easily. A warming drawer was also incorporated into the design, as it is a useful tool if members of the family eat at different times. Whilst serving dinner to one child, the mother can now help another child with homework, and food can be placed in the warming drawer until the eldest child is ready to eat.
A collection of Neff appliances, plus warming drawer and accessory drawer completes this Nolte Manhattan Handleless kitchen.

The Father of the family works in the food industry, designing sauces that we see on supermarket shelves. He needed a kitchen where he could enjoy experimenting and creating new and exciting sauces. He was not prepared to exchange his favourite pots and pans for induction suitable pans, so a domino gas hob was incorporated into the kitchen, its sleek design complimenting the induction hob.
At the weekends, when the family get together they have the steamer oven and the second oven for more leisurely and also more technical cooking. With incorporating all these appliances into this Nolte Handleless kitchen, it ensures that the kitchen works well for the whole family.
The many appliances cater for all the families needs

Please ask our designers about what appliances would best suit your needs when designing your new kitchen.

Pretty in Blue – Nolte Kitchens

Pretty in Blue – Nolte Kitchens

Nolte Lux Gloss White Kitchen with Metallic Blue Splashbacks
Kitchen Study – Nolte Lux Gloss White

It would be hard to feel blue in this kitchen. This stunning Gloss White Nolte Lux Kitchen with Oak Smoky Silver side panels for contrast has been enhanced with Metallic Blue glass splash backs, which are reminiscent of a bright, cloudless summer sky.

The Client and her son, who has a passion for cooking, came to see Victoria in our Enfield showroom to design their new kitchen. Their old kitchen had always been a very dark and gloomy room. The family had grown and they wanted the kitchen to grow with them to become the hub of the home. The kitchen was to be open plan, so it had to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. After seeing the beautiful Nolte kitchens on display at our North London showroom, they opted for the Lux gloss range.


Initially, they wanted all white gloss furniture, to keep a light feel to the room, but this felt too clinical for the family home. Victoria introduced Nolte Oak Smoky Silver panels as an accent feature, the wood effect giving warmth and interest to the room. To give added colour, they also colour matched the metallic blue of their Denby dinnerware set for their glass splashbacks. A multitude of lighting options were also integrated into the design to further amplify the ambient lighting, such as plinth lights and discreet under unit lighting. The kitchen has been finished off with a 30mm Silestone worktop in Alumino Nube, which ties in the different colours and textures used within the kitchen.
A sink with a view

From the outset, the client’s son had a strong input into the kitchen design. The family attended one of our Neff Showroom Events, where the Home Economist answered questions and helped the family to select the appliances they wanted. This included 2 Neff pyrolytic ovens, 1 steamer oven, 1 micro-combination oven, 1 warming drawer and 1 accessory drawer. A wine chiller was also incorporated into the design.

Within their wish list was also the latest ‘must have’ kitchen gadget: the hot water tap. The Quooker hot water tap sits inconspicuously next to the main kitchen mixer tap. These hot water taps have revolutionised the making of hot beverages, with nearly boiling water on hand instantly, a kettle is a thing of the past.
Utility Room

The attention to detail does not stop in the kitchen. Quite often utility rooms are overlooked. Nolte Kitchen units have also been used to increase storage space within the utility room. The vivid blue splash backs are also a feature here, carrying on the theme from the kitchen. This is a room that multi-tasks, cleverly incorporating under counter seating to create a work station, this utility room also combines as a study area.

This beautiful Nolte kitchen and breakfast room is the heart of the home. The lantern roof light lets light flood into this bright and open space, and the metallic blue coloured splash backs gives the impression of a summery day despite the weather outside. The Client has created a kitchen in which her son can develop his skills as a cook, but also a space that the family can enjoy.

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

mood lighting
Essential for preparation and cooking, lighting can also be used to create mood and atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Good lighting can also be space enhancing and can make rooms feel bigger and brighter. Lighting is an integral part of planning and designing your new kitchen, and needs to be considered early on in the design process. All electrics and fittings need to be fitted before any plastering, decorating and fitting of the kitchen itself, so preparation is key.
task lighting
There are numerous options for lighting within a kitchen, from plinth lighting to lights inside pullout drawers. Consider each zone within your kitchen and choose appropriate lighting for each area – bright task lighting over the preparation and cooking areas and general and ambient lighting to create mood in other areas.
decorative lights
The lights form part of the glass cabinets within this Nolte Matrix Art Handleless Kitchen

Lighting can be used to make a feature out of your favourite part of the kitchen. Installing lighting within glass-fronted cabinets or behind open shelving can add impact to your kitchen. Plinth lights can be used to create a modern, futuristic look, especially if a coloured light is used. Lighting over the table or over a breakfast bar is important to create extra lighting for eating, but can also be used to create softer light for after dinner conversation. A row of eye catching pendants is a popular method of creating this extra light whilst also adding a feature to the kitchen. There are endless options to create excitement with lighting within your kitchen.
Matrix Art LED by Nolte Kitchens
We were very excited when Nolte Kitchens introduced Matrix Art LED. This innovative design has given handleless kitchens an illuminated twist. LED track lights are built into the kitchen to create a diffuse ambient light from within the grip track, which gives the impression that the worktop is floating. LED track lights can also be used in the splash back zone. These lights have a high visual impact and not only help enhance the kitchen aesthetically but also functionally as they illuminate the working area of the kitchen.

Shake Up A Shaker Kitchen

Shake Up A Shaker Kitchen


1909 Painted Shaker Kitchens
Painted shaker kitchens have been given a more classical twist with the arrival of the 1909 kitchen range. Features unique to this range, designed in Britain and crafted from smooth grained timber, provide huge flexibility and scope for personal touches, from being able to choose the detail on the front of your door (called beading and notching), the colour and styles of handles, neutral or more adventurous colour palletes, to hinges and integrated storage solutions.
Within the 1909 kitchen range doors can be hinged using a concealed hinge or you can choose to go for 1909 solid brass Butt hinges. The finishes include bright nickel, chrome and pewter to match the choice of handles for a truly bespoke, hand crafted feel. In addition, the beading choices for the front of the door, either half pencil, scalloped or quarter round, (or a combination) provide you with an opportunity to design a new and inspired style of shaker in-frame kitchen.
Those of you familiar with Farrow and Ball’s colours will be delighted to see a range of 24 new shades that a 1909 kitchen is available in, including Charcoal, Almond, Cranberry and Copse Green to name a few. You can choose to bring contrast into the kitchen with light and dark shades or a splash of colour while still being elegant and understated.

Finish off your personalisation with a choice of moulded plinths for the bottoms of base units, built up cornice for the top of your wall units, feature posts to break up the units or to be used as freestanding legs and painted, veneer or mirrored finish cupboard interiors that are exclusive to the 1909 kitchen range. Ingenious storage features include solid oak cutlery inserts, rounded cupboards, extra height wall cupboards and deep sided drawers with many more options available.
A style that never goes out of fashion, it’s lovely to see shaker kitchens interpreted in this way. For a consultation at our North London kitchen showroom, contact 01992 666150 or click “book a consulation” below.

Steam Cooking with Neff Combisteam Oven

Steam Cooking with Neff Combisteam Oven

C & C Kitchens would like to say a big, big thank you to everybody who attended our Neff Open day on the 22nd of March. As a Neff 5* master partner We were delighted to host the day with Neff Home Economist Dawn who came down to demonstrate the nutritional and functional advantages of steam cooking in our German Handleless Nolte kitchen.
Some of the recipes Dawn treated us to included white chocolate and apricot tray bake, chocolate and pecan brownies, goats cheese and red pepper tartlets and best of all, a joint of pork and roast potatoes. This variety of dishes allowed Dawn to show us how cooking with steam can produce amazing moist cakes, brown roast potatoes and crisp pastry. Another added benefit was that we were shown how there is no intermingling of flavours when cooking sweet or savoury dishes, and also how easy it is to clean using the Neff’s steam cleaning function.

Cooking in a normal oven, boiling or frying food can destroy the foods natural minerals and vitamins whereas the steam oven preserves these as they don’t dissolve in the water or cooking fat. You won’t need to use oil or fats with the Neff CombiSteam as the water retains all the natural juices of the food. This is especially important for joints of meat or baking and if you are interested in cooking in the most nutritious way for your family.

Nolte Kitchens Handleless Range Unveiled

Nolte Kitchens Handleless Range Unveiled


New colours and finishes were launched during the housefair or ‘Hausmesse’. Curry was introduced to the Lux, Soft Lack and Nova Lack ranges and is shown here as an attractive accent colour to existing colours within the Nolte Kitchens Range.
Please take a look through our ranges if you would like some inspiration when looking for your new kitchen.

The picture above shows a how a high gloss white finish can be combined with the curry colour to produce a fresh, funky look to this modern handleless design. This image also showcases the new handleless range mood lighting. A special track can be added to the underside of the worktop to create this stunning look. The feature lighting creates the illusion the worktop is floating.

Sumptuous Matte Lacquer,Satin Glass and Veneer finishes released
For those looking to create the ultimate cutting edge look and fell within their kitchen, Nolte introduced Magma and Curry into the Matte Lacquer range. Magma was also launched with white and Sahara in a brand new door range of satin glass doors.

With new colours in the standard glass finish,stunning new additional glass splashback decors as well as new worktop decors, a new carcase colour and a even more LED lighting soloutions, anyone looking for the very best in quality and design for their new kitchen need look no further.

C & C Kitchens Nominated for Neff Excellence Award

C & C Kitchens Nominated for Neff Excellence Award

Neff Master Partner Awards finalists for the second year
After narrowly missing out on the best kitchen design in the over £ 25,000 category last year, we have again been nominated for best kitchen design in the £ 25,000 and under category.

The number and standard of entries for 2013 was incredibly high so we feel very proud that we have been nominated.

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 10th October and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this year we will take home the prize.


50 Shades of Grey – Part 2

50 Shades of Grey – Part 2

Not Just A Colour for modern kitchens
In our last post we looked at how various shades of grey have permeated their way into cutting edge chic when it comes to modern kitchens, in particular – handleless kitchens. The colour grey has also become highly sought after with customers who are looking for a more traditional kitchen look, especially kitchens that have an in-frame door.
The above kitchen is Petworth in French Grey, which is a painted in-frame kitchen.

In our range of painted in-frame and shaker door kitchens, we offer both a ‘standard’ colour palette of twenty stunning Farrow and Ball and Fired Earth colours as well as a ‘Your Way’ option of choosing any colour. With this vast and varied range of options, you would think that there would be quite a spectrum of chosen colours, but the predominant choice is grey, albeit in slighlty varying shades.

The above image of Petworth French Grey is the perfect example of the fresh look this lighter grey can bestow on a room. Mid tone greys offer the option to mix colours or woodgrains to avoid making the kitchen too heavy. A high visual impact can be achieved by contrasting the mid-tone grey with a white or off-white quartz which cuts the grey and lifts the overall asthetic.
The above kitchen is Broadoak Painted Shaker Linen and Oak.

At the darker end of the spectrum are the bolder grey. Masterful and imposing and to be used sparingly in contrast with a light grey tone or white. Colours such as Charcoal or Slate are grandiose and create powerful looks within the kitchen.
The above kitchen is a 1909 painted in frame kitchen in Charcoal and partridge grey

We hope you have enjoyed our journey through the highs and lows (of grey tone kitchens) and please contact us if you have any questions about the ranges we have shown.

Kitchen Trends - 50 Shades of Grey

Kitchen Trends - 50 Shades of Grey


A colour for all kitchen styles
If you are looking for either a modern handleless kitchen or a tradional painted shaker kitchen, grey seems to be the colour on everyone’s lips. Over the past few years many shades of grey have been released by all of the main manufacturers of kitchens throughout Europe.

Our premium German kitchen partner, Nolte kitchens has a variety of grey kitchens to choose from. At the lighter end of the spectrum there is Nova Lack Lightgrau from Nolte’s lacquered range of kitchens.

This picture is Nolte Lichtgrau 737 (available in handleless matrix line)
For those looking for a Mid -Tone, we would recommend Lava from Nolte Lux range of kitchens.

This picture is Nolte Lux Lava 367 (available in handleless matrix line)

And for a striking charcoal grey, Nolte have a colour called Quartz grey which is available in four different finishes.
This picture is Nolte Nova Brilliant 29G (available in handleless matrix line).

Grey can be overpowering and, unless the shade of grey were light, we would normally introduce a section of the furniture in white to lift the overall tone of the kitchen. White complements grey perfectly and placing a white Corian or stone surface on a medium to dark grey colour kitchen can produce truly stunning looks.
This picture is an CAD image from a recently designed kitchen at our showroom in Enfield, North London.

So whether you are looking for subtle or spectacular, the fashionable colour of grey is available in as many shades as you need to create your perfect kitchen. In this post, we have just concentrated on the greys available in the German kitchens that we offer. In our next post we will showcase the shades of grey available for more traditional styles of kitchens.

If you would like a design or advice about your kitchen please email us at info@candckitchens.co.uk

Kitchen Trends - Matte Lacquer Handleless

Kitchen Trends - Matte Lacquer Handleless

handleless kitchens
The sleek, elegant look which a Handleless kitchen can empower a kitchen with has been a look which has gathered in popularity over the last five years. The slab doors which are used can produce clear geometric lines for a chic uncomplicated look. Whereas gloss finish doors are still the most popular finish to be requested from customers to our showroom in Enfield, London, matte lacquer colours are moving to the fore.

This is a picture of a Nolte handleless matte lacquer kitchen in magnolia with noce amador veneer mix from our showroom in Enfield, London.

White is the most popular colour whether the kitchen is gloss or not. As white can be clinical especially when incorporated into a handleless kitchen, wood grains are often mixed with it to add some warmth to the kitchen. Soothing wood species such as walnut, wenge and oak can be blended to add a contrast and welcoming feel to what would otherwise be a cold look if the kitchen were all white.
White can be used as the predominant colour intermixed with earthy tones such as browns or greys to soften the austere feel of white. We have recently added a display to our showroom which demonstrates how white can be mixed this way.

This kitchen is a German Handleless kitchen in matte lacquer white and nougat.


The combining of two colours or finishes is a trend which has permeated through modern, contemporary and traditional looks. Contrast can also be injected into the kitchen by the use of colour or texture in the splash-backs or worktops if you are unsure of mixing two colours in your kitchen. With quartz worktops now available in hundreds of colours and finishes (Consentino are to produce a worksurface with the look and feel of denim – I kid you not!) and splash-backs also available in many options, a single matte lacquer colour need not lead to a clinical feel in your kitchen.

Kitchen Trends – Painted Shaker Kitchens

Kitchen Trends – Painted Shaker Kitchens

A style that doesn’t go out of fashion
A very popular trend within kitchens at the moment is the shaker door in a painted finish. This recent wave of popularity started four or five years ago but the predominant colour was cream, sometimes mixed with oak. An explosion of colour ensued and now the kitchen industry is awash with ranges of shaker doors to suit all palettes. The most requested seems to be differing shades of grey or stone.
The shaker kitchen door has been around in differing finishes and woodgrains for decades. It’s name derived from the ‘shaker villages’. Small towns of religious communities where simple yet beautifully crafted furniture including kitchens was hand built. Shaker kitchens nowadays refers to a simple door made up of five pieces which together gives a picture frame appearance. It can be constructed from any material. The cheapest being MDF or ‘medium density fibreboard’ which is then wrapped with either a paper or vinyl to imitate a wood or painted finish.
The Second Nature range offers painted ranges like Eden (pictured right), Cornell, Milton and Broadoak in a palette of 20 different Farrow and Ball colours which are painted predominantly on ash. In our showroom in Enfield, London we have two of these doors styles on display. An emerging trend within the penchant for painted ranges is mixing two colours within the kitchen. We see whites and off-whites being mixed with stones and greys. A white quartz worksurface can enhance a painted kitchen and create a stunning visual impact. Take a look at this feature within Beautiful Kitchens Magazine which featured two colours combined to create a great example of how to combine two paint colours effectively.

With so much colour choice available, truly individual looks can be created with imagination and a good kitchen design.

Extension? – Start Your Kitchen Design Early

Extension? – Start Your Kitchen Design Early

my builder needs the kitchen plan!
The majority of kitchens we design now tend to be for properties that are undergoing some form of building work, typically an extension. The depressed property market, moving costs, un-portable mortgages and uncertainty has led to a shift in people’s thinking when it comes to achieving an ideal living space.
Home interest programmes are now focusing on the increasing trend towards homeowners extending their properties rather than moving. Sarah Beaney is no longer on the Property Ladder, she is trying to double her house for half the money! The huge majority of these extensions incorporate an extension to the kitchen (great news for companies like ours).

Homeowners are deliberating with their architects, they are carefully selecting their builder. They dream of their lovely new kitchen while the bricks go up. They dream of their beautiful new space where they will cook all the recipes Jamie Oliver has to offer while the rest of their family looks on in adoration. The peace of this dream is shattered when the builder asks them for the kitchen layout.

This is the point when panic sets in. It’s not the builder’s fault, his electrician needs to set out the wires that will power that beautiful new kitchen that those dreams were made of. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and if you don’t have the kitchen properly designed by the time your builder asks for that plan, that is exactly what has happened. The kitchen will still be installed, it will still be a nice addition to the house, but it will not be all it could have been.

When should you start thinking about the kitchen design?
The best advice we can offer to homeowners who have had consent to extend and the kitchen is the room to be extended is START EARLY! Even if you haven’t had planning consent, there is no harm in exploring the options available to you in order to make the best choices for your new kitchen. Most good kitchen showrooms will design the kitchen from architects plans as long as they are properly scaled or dimensioned. From these initial kitchen designs, your own ideas about the space can form clearly.

At C & C Kitchens we design and install English as well as German kitchen ranges. In the case of German kitchens like Nolte kitchens, which have dramatically increased in popularity over the course of the past ten years, the lead time from our kitchen showroom’s sign-off of the plan to the kitchens’ delivery is typically 5-6 weeks. Before placing this order, we would expect to have created the kitchen in collaboration with the client over a 2-4 week period. So if a builder comes to a homeowner who wants a stunning new German kitchen in their extension and asks for the kitchen plan and that homeowner doesn’t have it, panic sets in which leads to a rushed design.

Give the Builder as much information as you can
If a potential client comes to our showroom with some architectural plans for their extension, we endeavour to lead them through the questions they will need to ask of themselves, the decisions they must make in order to create what they dreamed the kitchen would be. Whether that client chooses a Handleless Nolte kitchen or a traditional painted shaker kitchen, our computer designs will help them see the new space in their own mind and get all those decisions made in good time.

Your builder will thank you for it. As well as check measuring when the walls of the extension are built, naturally, we provide detailed elevations of the new kitchen which the builder can use as a blueprint. This way, when our installers arrive, no stone has been left unturned. The builder is happy as he knows exactly what he has to do and does not need to keep asking where things are going. You are happy as the builder is not asking you where everything is going and you can relax, and dream of those Jamie Oliver recipes.

Kitchen Design Advice

Kitchen Design Advice

In the beginning
…there was a tired kitchen in need of renovating. Things have come to a head and after years of saying the kitchen has to go, you finally decide the time has come to commit to installing a new kitchen. Whether you have just moved home, extending your home or you are just planning to remodel the kitchen you have, the mountain of choices now facing you is immense. Over the last ten years there has been an explosion in the sheer amount of available ranges and finishes in kitchens that can sometimes overwhelm those who are unprepared.

Those shopping for a new kitchen will have to make decisions about door style, finish, drawer boxes, storage solutions, lighting and handles as well as worktop material and colour, splash-backs, flooring finish and wall colour! All these choices that need to be made are in addition to what appliances you will want and what other work will be required to get the room ready for the new kitchen. It sounds like hard work because it is hard work. The kitchen is the heart of most homes and to replace it needs a lot of thought in order to achieve the best results.

start early
Gather as much information as you can BEFORE you go to any kitchen showroom. Buy some magazines for inspiration such as Beautiful kitchens and browse the internet for the style of kitchen that really leaps out at you. Whether it is a sleek Handleless kitchen or a traditional country kitchen look, one style will appeal to you more than anything else. This is the most important first step.

Once you have the style of kitchen decided upon, a good kitchen designer can use the features of the range you have chosen to create a beautiful design. Different ranges have design elements that if used correctly, lift a basic kitchen design to a great kitchen design. Having a clear idea of the look you are after (modern or traditional, handleless or with handles) will keep you focused when looking around kitchen showrooms as in a good kitchen showroom everything looks fantastic!

Make a list – of things you hate

Making a list of things you dislike about your existing kitchen will help determine what you are likely to find most important to have in the new one. An excellent tool for refining your ideas is a mood board or scrapbook of the things you have found when doing some basic research which can be referred back to should you get jaded by the plethora of choices available to kitchen purchasers today.

Ask yourself how you will use the kitchen, the best kitchen designs are always a collaboration between designer and client. A good designer can breathe life into your own ideas. The kitchen designer will need to know how you want to use your kitchen (entertaining, family eating, home cooking). If you have thought about this clearly it will only help the design in the long run.

wish list

Finally, make a list of goodies! There are some fantastic gadgets (like the dispenser larder above), cooking appliances, storage solutions and lighting effects available. Islands, banks of tall units mantles over range cookers – some of the most popular ‘looks’ we get asked for should also be jotted down to give your kitchen designer a clearer idea about you so that more of you makes it into the kitchen design. You may not fit all the wish list in, there is ALWAYS a compromise somewhere along the line, but the kitchen designer will be better armed with the information they need to give you what you want – a great kitchen design.

We hope the above will (hopefully) be useful in organising your thoughts when getting ready to design your new kitchen.

Who Are Nolte Kitchens?

Who Are Nolte Kitchens?

Nolte Kitchens – The Facts
Nolte Kitchens are the second largest manufacturer of kitchens in Germany. They are based in Lohne, Germany’s ‘Kitchen Mecca’ and together with their facility in Melle, produce 750 kitchens a day. Each of these kitchens is produced specifically for one customer in one of the 50 countries that Nolte export to. To maintain this output, Nolte employ 1,100 staff at their two factories. This is a vast difference to when they first began way back in 1958 with just 60 staff.
Nolte kitchens factory sold in Hertfordshire kitchen showroom

Within their showroom at Lohne, Nolte display fifty full kitchen sets of their latest design. These fifty kitchens are removed and replaced with their latest kitchens every year in time for their HaussMesse or’kitchen fair’ in September.
Nolte are a very eco-friendly company. They were one of the first kitchen manufacturers to gain both the PEFC and FSC forestry commissions accreditations for only manufacturing wood products from sustainable sources and in January 2012 changed their factories to eco power, they are powered by hydropower from the River Rhine.

Nolte Kitchens – The Designs
With over 105 kitchen door frontals, Nolte have a vast selection with which your perfect kitchen can be designed. Believing in design purity led them to change their whole production line in for their fiftieth aniversary to Matrix 150. All of Nolte’s Kitchen furniture is now produced on their own system of 150mm increments. This leads to perfect lines throughout the kitchen. Nolte believed in this system so much that in order to switch to the new system, fifty large machines had to be dissassembled, moved and reassambled at another location. This was a huge investment,but one that has led to more beautiful kitchen designs with the possibilities the Matrix 150 system open up.
Nolte Kitchens from Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom

Nolte’s Handleless system – Matrix Line 150, also follows these design principles which means that most of their kitchens can be made handleless should you require.

Nolte Kitchens – The range
As you would expect from a premium German manufacturer, Nolte have many exciting door ranges to choose from. Within our kitchen ranges page you will find many of the ranges available. Those searching for a gloss kitchen have the choice of Nova Brilliant or Lux which are group 3 priced doors. Lux is new to the range but is rapidly becoming the favorite gloss kitchen range Nolte has to offer. Available in white, magnolia, sahara, lava, quartz grey, viola, lemon and orange. The whole Lux range is fresh and vibrant and a great addition to the range. The door is a high gloss laquered effect which is great value for a group 3 door.
Nolte Kitchens from Hertfordshire Kitchen showroom

Those looking for a woodgrain finish have a plethora of choice within Nolte’s Manhattan range. This range is group 1 and offers woodgrain finishes in oak polar silver, savannah acacia, provence elm, chalet oak, oak smoky silver, noce amador, boston cherry, african wenge and italian walnut. The majority of these kitchen doors come on a matching carcase which is virtually unheard of for a German kitchen manufacturer. Within the Manhattan range is also two painted wood effect doors – wood pore magnolia and wood pore lava – which are stunning when combined together and unbelievable value at group 1.
Nolte Kitchens from Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom
This is just a fraction of the kitchen ranges which Nolte have in their collection. In upcoming posts we will feature more of the range in detail, or you can browse through our range of kitchen images for something to inspire you.

Nolte kitchens – Behind the doors
The high level of engineering that goes into each and every Nolte kitchen is astounding. Nolte use only the very best components. From the integrated soft close hinges to the colour co-ordinating carcases with integrated neopreen dust seal as standard, Nolte kitchens are continually trying to raise the bar in terms of quality. Internal mechanisms such as larder pull-outs and Le Mans magic corner mechanisms can be selected as well as many space saving devices such as plinth drawers, deep drawers underneath ovens and gullwing drawers which expand when opened all offer the user extra storage which most kitchen purchasers require. When selecting your kitchen, you can also specify 710mm deep units which will give you 33 percent more storage in your kitchen!

Nolte only use high specification throughout their components. There are three specifications of drawer box -Standard, Chromeline and Glassline – each of these systems are soft close as standard and can hold up to 80kg within the wide deep pan drawers. Excellent storage capacity meaning virtually anything can be stored within them safely.
Nolte Kitchens from Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom

We hope we have given you a better understanding of who Nolte kitchens are and the quality they provide. If you would like a quotation for a Nolte kitchen or even just their latest brochure please let us know by clicking here to contact us. Alternatively you can come and view the many displays we have at our kitchen showrooms in Enfield, North London.

Handleless kitchens – a guide

Handleless kitchens – a guide

Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as they can create visually stunning, sleek minimalist effects that are unique. What started off as a niche product has now become mainstream fashion for kitchens. Every kitchen showroom will have one type of handleless kitchen within their showroom, so how do you choose between them?
Handleless German Nolte Kitchen
J Groove or Integrated handle
J Groove doors or integrated handle doors as they are sometimes known, are a less expensive way to achieve a handleless kitchen design in your home.

The handle is formed from a scooped section at the top of the door on the base cabinets (bottom of the door for wall cabinets). The finishes of these doors are mostly laqueured (painted). The paint on these doors can be either gloss (shiny) or matt (smooth non-shiny). Our Malmo handleless range, which is an Integrated handle type door, also has a selection of veneered (wood) finishes within its range.
Our premium German range of kitchens, Nolte Kitchens, have a range called Alpha lack which has two types of scooped sections to reduce the lines within the kitchen which creates an even sharper look than was previously possible with this type of handleless kitchen.

With all these types of handleless doors, no change is made to the cabinet or the size of door. All the kitchen door sizes are the same as with a standard kitchen door which would have a handle. As such, these will be the most common type of handleless kitchen you will see with kitchen showrooms.
Handleless German Nolte Kitchen
Handleless German Nolte Kitchen
Push to open or tip-on
This is a type of Handleless system whereby normal kitchen doors (not special handleless doors) are fitted to a standard kitchen cabinet without a handle and a mechanism is fitted so the door can be opened with a push to the centre of the door. The drawers can be fitted with drawer boxes with similar systems (either electrically powered or manually operated). These are the type of handleless systems which we would not recommend as the mechanisms can fail. There is also no way to fit a push to open mechanism to an integrated fridge freezer or dishwasher which compromises the look of the kitchen. In our opinion this is one type of handleless kitchen to be avoided.
The term ‘true handleless’ is normally reserved for kitchens which have a scooped section which is fitted into cabinets specifically designed for true handleless kitchens. Notches within these cabinets allow lengths of these scooped sections (which are separate to the doors) to be fitted in uninterrupted lengths which have been cut and mitred for your kitchen. Whilst most manufacturers only offer a stainless steel version, our range of German handleless kitchens can provide these trims in 22 different colour options which can create hundreds of different effects to make your kitchen unique.
Please take a look through our ranges if you would like some inspiration when looking for your new kitchen.

For any enquiries please email info@candckitchens.co.uk

Neff Master Partner Open Day 23rd March 10-4pm

Neff Master Partner Open Day 23rd March 10-4pm

Why not come and join us?
Neff’s experienced Home Economist will be holding an in-store demonstration to enable you to find out more about Neff’s appliances and their capabilities. If you are thinking about choosing Neff, why not come along and see for yourself.

Who are Neff Master Partners?

These are who Neff consider to be the leading Neff dealers in the kitchen industry across the country. It’s where you can see the very best of Neff, beautifully and clearly displayed, with Neff experts on hand to take you through all the innovative features, answer your questions and explain how things work.

There will be free gifts available and a chance to win a set of free saucepans as well as the chance to take advantage of some special ‘on the day’ prices.
Neff_Master_Partner Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom

C & C Kitchens Awarded Neff 5 Star Master Partner Status

C & C Kitchens Awarded Neff 5 Star Master Partner Status

Neff-Master-Partner Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom
C & C Kitchens are a proud to announce that we have been awarded Neff 5-Star Master Partner status.

2012 saw Neff restructure the Master Partner programme, with 5-Star, 3-Star and conventional Master Partner’s emerging. This has filtered the dealerships even further, with only the best and most committed Neff Master Partner’s being granted the 5-Star status.

In basic terms, the level of expertise, knowledge and customer service you can expect at the C & C Kitchens showroom is second to none. Our specially trained Neff experts are always on hand to help you understand anything you might want to know.

As a 5-Star Neff MasterPartner, C & C Kitchens’ showroom is of the highest quality, designed to inspire you to choose the kitchen and appliances of your dreams. We have an extensive range of fully working, top-of-the-range Neff appliances on display from ovens to hobs, and extractor hoods to compact appliances. The brand new range of 2013 appliances were fitted last year, allowing us to offer you the most satisfying and informative Neff experience.

With multiple events and various exclusive promotions running throughout 2013, make sure you visit the C & C Kitchens showroom to encounter the most rewarding Neff experience in the Greater London area.
In order for us to carry out the appointment process we may need to contact you via post, email or phone, please indicate below that you are happy to be contacted in this way: