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Breakfast Bar Stool Guide

A finishing touch
You have planned, you have prepared and you have installed your lovely new kitchen (hopefully purchased from our Hertfordshire showroom). Your island/breakfast bar looks amazing and will become the hub of your home. What will your family sit on when you are creating wonderful meals in your new appliances?

Whenever we post new real kitchens to our website, we always get asked - where are the bar stools from? As we do not sell them, we normally have to ask our clients, so we have decided to give a review of the 5 most popular styles and where to buy them from.
Cuban bar stools
The most popular selling bar stool. It has a simple design and is available in a variety of colours. Normally made in a faux leather finish, they are cost effective as two can be purchased for under £ 100 pounds depending on where you buy.

The majority of our customers tend to purchase these in light grey and darker colours. If you are looking for these type of stools we would recommend 
Industrial look
In keeping with the latest styles in our kitchen showroom here at Cheshunt, industrial materials are very much on trend. Metals, ceramics and woods are combined to create a sharp look.
If your finished kitchen is a stone, slate, metal or ceramic look, then opting for wooden minimalistic stools can really add that finishing touch to your new kitchen.
Modern Style
Available in black, cream, white, red, two tone and grey, this type of breakfast bar stool is popular for handleless German kitchens like our Nolte Kitchens. If your kitchen is a sleek gloss or matt finish minimalist masterpiece, then this stool could be the one for your to complete the look.

Adding a splash of colour to a modern kitchen is essential to bring the space to life. The colour you choose can be repeated in your kitchen accessories or the soft furnishings in the kitchen space.
If your kitchen is has a more traditional theme. It could be one of our painted shaker kitchens or it could be a 1909 Kitchen. You will need a complementary seat to  complete the look. 
We have seen some beautiful breakfast bar seats purchased buy our customers, but these vintage rustic stools are the most popular and our favourites.
All purpose
Whether selecting a traditional inframe or modern look kitchen, some breakfast bar stools can look at home in either kitchen style. One of the most popular seating we see purchased by our customers are these stools which are a mixture of comfort and styling.

This range is available in pastel colours so can blend with most kitchen colour schemes. They are comfortable and hard wearing and will complete the look of your new kitchen with an inviting place to sit.
There are many other ranges of breakfast bar stools and we have only shown the five most popular. Watch out for later blogs where we will take a look at some of the more bespoke options available.

Please take a look through our ranges if you would like some inspiration when looking for your new kitchen.

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