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The Outline Range
The Outline Collection redefines bespoke furniture with its wide array of options. It's a perfect blend of style and flexibility, fitting seamlessly into both classic and modern spaces. This range is all about choice, offering six door styles, 35 color variations, four unique integrated handle designs, and eight different backplate finishes. In terms of handles, you've got some eye-catching designs.

The 'Portal' is a playful, round choice with a Scandinavian twist, ideal for modern settings. The 'Edge' merges subtly with the door, giving a sleek, uniform look. 'Channel' and 'Extended Channel' offer more linear, contemporary designs, with the latter adding a bold, geometric touch. For the backplates, the options range from the natural elegance of Oak and Walnut to the striking intensity of Carbon. You can even match them to the door color for a cohesive look. If you're into metallics, there's Antique Bronze, Brushed Brass, Aged Brass, and Bright Copper, each with its unique charm.

In short, the Outline Collection is all about giving you the freedom to craft your dream space with its diverse and elegant options.


Outline Kitchen Range Channel in bronze
Outline Kitchen Range Edge version in washed oak
Outline Kitchen Range -Portal handle in door range colour
Outline Kitchen Range Carbon backplate colour
Outline Kitchen Range Brass Finish
Outline Kitchen Range backplate in Antique Bronze
Outline Kitchen Range Backplate in walnut
Outline Kitchen Range -Backplate in washed oak
Outline Kitchen Range Edge with Carbon backplate colour
Outline Kitchen Range Portal in Copse Green with washed oak Backplate

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