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Kitchen Trends - 50 Shades of Grey


A colour for all kitchen styles
If you are looking for either a modern handleless kitchen or a tradional painted shaker kitchen, grey seems to be the colour on everyone’s lips. Over the past few years many shades of grey have been released by all of the main manufacturers of kitchens throughout Europe.

Our premium German kitchen partner, Nolte kitchens has a variety of grey kitchens to choose from. At the lighter end of the spectrum there is Nova Lack Lightgrau from Nolte’s lacquered range of kitchens.

This picture is Nolte Lichtgrau 737 (available in handleless matrix line)
For those looking for a Mid -Tone, we would recommend Lava from Nolte Lux range of kitchens.

This picture is Nolte Lux Lava 367 (available in handleless matrix line)

And for a striking charcoal grey, Nolte have a colour called Quartz grey which is available in four different finishes.
This picture is Nolte Nova Brilliant 29G (available in handleless matrix line).

Grey can be overpowering and, unless the shade of grey were light, we would normally introduce a section of the furniture in white to lift the overall tone of the kitchen. White complements grey perfectly and placing a white Corian or stone surface on a medium to dark grey colour kitchen can produce truly stunning looks.
This picture is an CAD image from a recently designed kitchen at our showroom in Enfield, North London.

So whether you are looking for subtle or spectacular, the fashionable colour of grey is available in as many shades as you need to create your perfect kitchen. In this post, we have just concentrated on the greys available in the German kitchens that we offer. In our next post we will showcase the shades of grey available for more traditional styles of kitchens.

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