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Immerse yourself in the warmth and natural allure of the Legno range from Nolte Kitchens, showcased at our Hertfordshire kitchen showroom. This collection is a true celebration of nature's beauty, harmoniously blended with modern craftsmanship. With its real wood construction, the Legno range offers an authentic, inviting feel that is both timeless and contemporary.

The range presents three sophisticated colours: Oak Champagne, Oak Truffle, and Oak Sepia. Each colour choice brings its own unique charm, with distinct grain patterns and textures that tell a story of organic elegance. The Oak Champagne exudes a light, airy feel, perfect for creating a bright and welcoming space. Oak Truffle, with its deeper hues, offers a sense of richness and depth, ideal for those who appreciate a more pronounced wood character. Oak Sepia, with its warm and inviting tones, adds a cozy, homely touch to any kitchen.

Legno's fronts are crafted from engineered wood boards, carefully veneered to preserve the beauty and integrity of the wood. Each piece is finished with a scratch, impact, and stain-resistant lacquer coating. This thoughtful detail ensures that your kitchen withstands the challenges of daily use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The protective coating also serves as a barrier against kitchen vapours, preserving the natural look and feel of the wood over time.

This range is versatile in its design offerings. For a sleek, modern aesthetic, the Legno range is available in MatrixArt, Nolte Kitchens' handleless option that epitomizes contemporary kitchen design. The smooth, uninterrupted lines of the handleless fronts lend a minimalist and streamlined look, perfect for those who favour a more modern style. Alternatively, for a touch of classic elegance, the recommended handle combination 845 beautifully complements the natural wood, adding a traditional flair to the kitchen's overall design.

Our Hertfordshire kitchen showroom is the perfect place to experience the Legno range's fusion of natural beauty and modern functionality. Here, you can explore the different colours and finishes, and see firsthand how the Legno range can transform your kitchen into a space of warmth, elegance, and timeless style. The Legno range from Nolte Kitchens is not just about creating a kitchen; it's about crafting a living space that resonates with nature's charm and modern living demands. Visit us to discover how the Legno range can elevate your kitchen experience.


Nolte Kitchens | Legno Handleless German Kitchen | Legno door 1
Nolte Kitchens | Legno Handleless German Kitchen | Legno door 2
Nolte Kitchens | Legno Handleless German Kitchen | Legno door 3

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