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Let There Be Light

mood lighting
Essential for preparation and cooking, lighting can also be used to create mood and atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Good lighting can also be space enhancing and can make rooms feel bigger and brighter. Lighting is an integral part of planning and designing your new kitchen, and needs to be considered early on in the design process. All electrics and fittings need to be fitted before any plastering, decorating and fitting of the kitchen itself, so preparation is key.
task lighting
There are numerous options for lighting within a kitchen, from plinth lighting to lights inside pullout drawers. Consider each zone within your kitchen and choose appropriate lighting for each area – bright task lighting over the preparation and cooking areas and general and ambient lighting to create mood in other areas.
decorative lights
The lights form part of the glass cabinets within this Nolte Matrix Art Handleless Kitchen

Lighting can be used to make a feature out of your favourite part of the kitchen. Installing lighting within glass-fronted cabinets or behind open shelving can add impact to your kitchen. Plinth lights can be used to create a modern, futuristic look, especially if a coloured light is used. Lighting over the table or over a breakfast bar is important to create extra lighting for eating, but can also be used to create softer light for after dinner conversation. A row of eye catching pendants is a popular method of creating this extra light whilst also adding a feature to the kitchen. There are endless options to create excitement with lighting within your kitchen.
Matrix Art LED by Nolte Kitchens
We were very excited when Nolte Kitchens introduced Matrix Art LED. This innovative design has given handleless kitchens an illuminated twist. LED track lights are built into the kitchen to create a diffuse ambient light from within the grip track, which gives the impression that the worktop is floating. LED track lights can also be used in the splash back zone. These lights have a high visual impact and not only help enhance the kitchen aesthetically but also functionally as they illuminate the working area of the kitchen.
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