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Feature Cabinetry
At 1909 Kitchens, we recognize that it's the small touches that make your home uniquely yours. Be it an elegantly curved kitchen island, a stunning dresser, or an eye-catching walk-in pantry, it's these custom elements that craft a truly personal and distinctive space.
1909 Kitchens Pantry Units
Balancing elegance with functionality, the unassuming pantry stands out as a unique storage solution. It's an ideal space for your morning necessities, whether that be integrated coffee machines and microwaves, dry goods, or an expanding assortment of culinary books. Everything is neatly tucked away behind a pair of beautifully crafted doors, further enhancing the appeal of your 1909 kitchen.
1909 Kitchens Pantry Unit 1
1909 Kitchens Pantry Unit 2
Our top advice? Customize your pantry to meet your specific needs. Our 1909 Kitchens designers can assist you in determining the best way to outfit your designated floor-to-ceiling space with shelves and cabinets. This helps you store similar items together, reducing visual clutter.

For instance, you could arrange packaged foods according to their expiry dates to prevent overstocking or running out, and designate a specific area for storing bulk items and snacks.
Crafted meticulously by our skilled artisans, a signature 1909 kitchen furniture piece effortlessly captures the eye, elevating your space beyond the realms of a conventional kitchen. It introduces an element of uniqueness and sophistication that makes your 1909 kitchen truly stand out.
1909 Kitchens Gin Cabinet 1
1909 Kitchens Gin Cabinet 2
At 1909, design is a collaborative process, presenting you with a universe of possibilities rather than set-in-stone choices. We work closely with you to develop cabinetry that is as intricate and personalized as you desire, both inside and out. The elegant washed oak interiors can be complemented by a diverse range of accessories, from wine racks and chopping boards to tea trays and beyond.

Each piece is finished off with a custom worksurface and ambient LED lighting, offering a multitude of choices to reflect your personal style and preferences. 
Every piece of 1909 furniture carries the distinctive characteristics of traditional period design, yet incorporates a contemporary understanding of functional requirements. Whether it's sideboards or dressers, their timeless aesthetic and practicality are paramount. With a design that transcends temporary trends, each 1909 piece doesn't just endure, it becomes more distinguished as time passes.
1909 Kitchens Shelving
Curated Shelving
Feature shelving presents an expressive and versatile alternative to conventional closed cabinetry. Whether it's wall-mounted or seamlessly integrated into the end of your island, it serves as an attractive platform for showcasing your kitchen necessities or decorative items. Regardless of your kitchen's style – be it classic or contemporary – feature shelving injects a dose of uniqueness into any space, making your 1909 kitchen truly your own.
1909 Kitchens Copse Green Sideboard
Embark on a journey through the realm of 1909 kitchens. You can delve into various actual kitchen projects here REAL KITCHENS , or peruse our extensive collection in our 1909 Kitchens section here 1909 KITCHEN RANGE . Regardless of your project's size or scope, a stunning solution awaits you with 1909 Kitchens.
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