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Laundry & boot Rooms
Crafted with the fast-paced rhythm of daily life in mind, these adjoining spaces are deserving of design consideration just as your kitchen is. When done right, even the dirtiest days can become enjoyable experiences and routine tasks such as laundry may seem less burdensome. With 1909 Kitchens, every space is meticulously designed to enhance both its functionality and charm.
boot rooms
Traditionally serving as a transitional space from the outdoors to the indoors, a boot room provides an excellent opportunity to extend your 1909 Kitchen design to another part of your home. It's an opportunity to create a space that strikes a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical utility, just as you would expect from a 1909 design.
1909 Kitchens Boot Rooms 1
1909 Kitchens Boot Rooms 2
With ample storage solutions, every necessity from muddy boots and picnic blankets to hats and bags, even the essentials for our furry family members, can find a home. Our 1909 Kitchens storage solutions are designed to accommodate everything, ensuring a well-organized and clutter-free space for your family.
Considered as a seamless extension of your kitchen, a customised 1909 laundry room serves as an ideal enclave for tucking away hefty appliances and miscellaneous items that might otherwise crowd your main kitchen area. Furnished with an integrated sink, a laundry room proves to be an excellent solution for messy tasks, effectively segregating them from your food preparation and dining zones.
1909 Kitchens Laundry Rooms 1
1909 Kitchens Laundry Rooms 2
A segmented, pull-out laundry basket coupled with a handy clothes rail provide the perfect solution for stowing and arranging your laundry. Positioning these right next to your washing and drying appliances creates a dedicated laundry space, making the entire chore effortless and efficient in your 1909 kitchen.
1909 Kitchens Boot Rooms 3
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