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Alchemy Kitchens Range

Fusing British design ethos with the needs of a modern household, Alchemy Kitchens are a range of painted traditional looks with a contemporary twist.
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Alchemy | Fitzroy Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
Embrace the timeless charm of the Fitzroy range, a beautifully crafted Painted Shaker kitchen that brings classic style to the heart of your home. With its smooth painted finish, the Fitzroy kitchen harmoniously blends traditional Shaker design with a modern aesthetic. Each detail is meticulously fashioned to elevate your space, ensuring the Fitzroy Painted Shaker kitchen is not just a cooking area but a cornerstone of your daily living. Perfect for those who appreciate the enduring appeal of Shaker craftsmanship.

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The Milbourne range redefines versatility within the classic Shaker tradition. This collection is a true classic, with a Shaker style that adapts fluidly to either a modern or traditional setting. The Milbourne's simple yet elegant design invites a sense of calm into your kitchen, making it a space where moments are cherished and memories are made. It’s a testament to timeless design, ready to be the backdrop of your home's story.

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Alchemy | Milbourne Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
Alchemy | Broadoak Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
The Broadoak range captures the essence of the Shaker movement, showcasing simple yet profound design lines that embody both function and beauty. This collection presents a versatile canvas that complements any home decor, reflecting a commitment to quality and simplicity. The natural grain patterns add a touch of rustic charm, making the Broadoak Shaker kitchen a warm and inviting space where every meal becomes a cherished memory.

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Mornington Shaker
The Mornington Shaker range is the epitome of classic kitchen design, seamlessly marrying the simplicity of the Shaker style with a touch of modern sophistication. Its timeless appeal lies in the clean lines and functional beauty, making it a perfect fit for those who seek a kitchen that combines traditional charm with contemporary living. The Mornington Shaker is more than a kitchen; it’s a space where life's moments are savoured and celebrated.

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Alchemy | Mornington Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
Mornington Shaker
Alchemy | Mornington Beaded Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
Mornington Beaded
Mornington Beaded
The Mornington Shaker Beaded collection takes the beloved Shaker design and enriches it with delicate beading, adding an extra layer of elegance and detail. This range is a true nod to craftsmanship, blending the clean, functional lines of Shaker style with intricate beading that catches the eye, offering a kitchen that is both classic and ornate. Perfect for those who value a kitchen with character and a hint of decorative flair.

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The Hunton range offers a sleek interpretation of the Shaker style, presenting a minimalist design that speaks volumes in elegance. This contemporary take on a time-honored classic features smooth, unadorned surfaces that bring a sense of serenity and modernity to your kitchen. The Hunton kitchen is an understated yet sophisticated backdrop for both culinary creativity and daily gatherings, embodying a contemporary Shaker lifestyle.

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Alchemy | Hunton Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
Alchemy | Clarendon Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
The Clarendon range showcases a refined take on the Shaker tradition, fusing a minimalist aesthetic with a hint of classic framing. This collection stands out with its subtle sophistication, offering a serene yet stately presence in your kitchen. Clarendon's understated elegance invites a sense of balance and grace, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a kitchen that's both timeless and modern.

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Step into the world of Outline, where your kitchen dreams take shape with unmatched flexibility and a splash of innovation. This collection reimagines your favorite door styles with a twist – think bespoke handles and a kaleidoscope of 35 colors to choose from. Whether it's the warmth of the classic or the cool of the contemporary that you're after, Outline's got it all. With over 2,500 ways to mix and match, your kitchen becomes a canvas for your personal style. It's where character meets charm, all in the details of your choosing

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Alchemy | Hunton Painted Shaker Kitchen | Second Nature Kitchens
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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Alchemy Kitchens. If you have any other questions please call 01992 666150
What is a Shaker Style Kitchen?
A Shaker kitchen is all about sleek and simple design. Picture neat and tidy cabinets with recessed panel doors, uncluttered workspaces, and a comfy, no-fuss vibe that's both cosy and chic. It's like the jeans and white t shirt of kitchens: classic, understated, and always in style.
What colours do shaker kitchens come in?
Shaker kitchens come in a versatile palette ranging from classic whites and creams to bold contemporary greys and blues. The choice of color can be tailored to personal taste, allowing for either a traditional homely feel with natural wood finishes or a modern, sleek look with painted units in any hue you fancy. Our ranges come in 32 different colours.
Are Shaker Kitchens more expensive?
Shaker kitchens can be more expensive due to their classic design and the emphasis on quality craftsmanship and durable materials. However, the cost varies widely, offering budget-friendly options as well as high-end custom designs to suit different financial plans.
What is the best colour for a Shaker Kitchen?
The best colour for a shaker kitchen hinges on your style; crisp whites and soft greys are timeless, enhancing the kitchen's classic, clean lines. For a warmer ambiance, earthy tones or deep blues add depth, while maintaining the shaker kitchen's signature elegant simplicity.
What is the best flooring for a Shaker Style Kitchen?
The best flooring for a shaker style kitchen combines durability with classic aesthetics. Hardwood floors or wood-effect laminates are popular for their warmth and timeless appeal, while stone or ceramic tiles offer a practical, easy-to-clean surface that complements the simplicity and elegance of shaker cabinetry.
Can I paint the Shaker Kitchen with my own paint?
Yes, you can paint your Shaker kitchen yourself, especially as can come primed and ready for painting. This prep work provides a perfect canvas, making it easier for you to apply your chosen colour and achieve a professional-looking finish with some DIY effort.
How do I modernise a Shaker Kitchen?
To modernise a Shaker kitchen, consider updating hardware to sleek, contemporary styles, introducing modern appliances, and opting for bold or contrasting colours for the cabinetry. Adding new lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, and incorporating current trends like subway tiles or quartz countertops can also give a fresh, updated feel to the timeless Shaker design.
Do I have to use the same timber furniture in my kitchen as the utility?
We would always recommend, to help keep cost down, using a complimentary range in the utility whether it be same colour palette but not the exact same range or using the contract range.
How much does an Alchemy kitchen cost?
The average price is £15 – £20K. For a personalised quote call 01992 666150

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Nolte Corona kitchen in Papyrus Grey and Artic White
Fitzroy painted shaker in Chalk and Harforth Blue
Half pencil & scalloped in charcoal & partridge grey
Pendle Oak & Cream, Shaker mix
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