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Discover the Natural Elegance of Nolte Kitchens' Cantera Range at Our Hertfordshire Kitchen Showroom.

In our Hertfordshire kitchen showroom, we proudly showcase the Cantera range from Nolte Kitchens, a collection that embodies natural beauty and contemporary design. This exquisite range stands out with its real stone fronts, offering a visually and tactilely appealing experience. Available in the refined shades of Sandstone Cream and Lava Grey, Cantera provides versatile design options that cater to a spectrum of aesthetic preferences, from serene and light to bold and pronounced.

The Cantera range's unique charm lies in its harmonious material combinations. A notable example is the pairing of Cantera Sandstone Cream with the SOFT LACK finish in Sepia brown, a modern color from Nolte's matt lacquer concept. This pairing accentuates the natural texture of Cantera, creating an elegant and cohesive kitchen environment. The tactile contrast between the rough, limestone-like finish of Cantera and the velvety surface of other materials, such as PLUS with its anti-fingerprint surface, adds depth and sophistication to the overall design.

Innovation is at the heart of the Cantera range, as seen in its clever integration of living and working spaces. The range includes a fold-out tabletop that effortlessly transforms into a workspace, blending the kitchen with a home office. Post work, the workstation can be neatly concealed behind a storage flap, exemplifying the range's adaptability and smart use of space.

Functionality is further enhanced by the internal organization system crafted from real ash wood, ensuring practical and accessible storage for kitchen essentials. The design is completed with minimalist black handles, specifically chosen to complement the dark shades of the Cantera Sandstone Lava Grey, adding a touch of modern elegance to the kitchen.

Visit our Hertfordshire kitchen showroom to experience the Cantera range by Nolte Kitchens firsthand. Its blend of natural aesthetics, innovative design features, and meticulous attention to detail makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a kitchen that is both beautiful and practical, resonating with the rhythms of contemporary life.


Nolte Cantera Range 1 sample
Nolte Cantera Artline Range 2 Sample

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