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Nolte Kitchens' Tavola range is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, bringing a sense of warmth and sophistication to your kitchen. The timeless appeal of oak, featured in the Tavola range, is evident in its fine grain and natural real oak veneer texture. Available in rich hues like oak pinot and oak barolo, it adds a touch of nature's elegance to your culinary space.

In terms of construction, the Tavola range is built to last. The front panels are crafted from real wood, supported by engineered-wood board and edges that are veneered for extra durability. It’s like having a piece of enduring craftsmanship in your home. Each piece is coated with a scratch, impact, and stain-resistant lacquer, ensuring that the daily activities of your kitchen don’t leave a mark, while also protecting against kitchen vapors.

The Tavola range also embraces a modern, handleless design with its MatrixArt style. This feature adds a contemporary, streamlined look to your kitchen, blending functionality with a minimalist aesthetic. One of the unique aspects of the Tavola range is the natural variation in the oak’s grain. This characteristic brings a distinct personality to each kitchen front, with variations in color and structure that make your kitchen uniquely yours.

If you're around Hertfordshire, a visit to a Hertfordshire kitchen showroom would offer a firsthand experience of the Nolte Kitchens' Tavola range. There, you can appreciate the fine balance between the range’s natural beauty and practical design. It’s an opportunity to see how this range can transform your kitchen into a space that’s not just for cooking, but for living, blending classic appeal with contemporary style in a way that’s welcoming yet refined.


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